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Supporting mental health – whether in the workplace, an education setting or sport organisation – has never been more important. Checking in with employees, students, staff and sports people can help to spot warning signs. But would you or your team have the skills or confidence to start deeper conversations and offer support? That’s where mental health training comes in.


What is mental health training?

An invaluable way to build awareness of mental health conditions and create a positive culture, mental health training equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to look after their own and others’ mental health. 

Too often we shy away from starting difficult conversations because we simply don’t understand enough about mental health conditions. But changing this – digging beneath the service and starting those conversations – could make a life-saving difference. 

Mental health training helps individuals to become more comfortable and confident in discussing mental health, recognising the warning signs for early intervention, applying active listening techniques and offering non-judgmental support.

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Govox offers a range of training courses

Our training courses are aimed at everyone, from leaders and managers to people looking to generally upskill themselves where mental health is concerned. Each course features engaging, interactive content and creates profound learning experiences, while following our ‘connect, identify, support’ approach.

Mental health training for leaders

Designed for senior leaders and anyone involved in organisational wellbeing strategies, this course provides proactive steps towards better mental health in the organisation. It covers legal responsibilities, business benefits and strategies to lead on culture changes and create a more positive atmosphere and, ultimately, a thriving workforce.

Mental health training for managers

Designed for those who manage staff, this course provides the skills needed to understand, evaluate and, importantly, support mental health concerns. It informs delegates how they can manage mental health through the employee cycle, provide appropriate support and protect their own wellbeing too.

Mental health first responder training

This course equips anyone who would like to provide effective, first responses to someone experiencing mental health distress and to coach them to access appropriate, professional support. Learn to become an advocate for positive culture change, normalising conversations and supporting wider wellbeing strategies.

Wellbeing champion training

This course is designed to inspire and motivate wellbeing advocates to help create a more positive culture. Learn how to support wider wellbeing initiatives and help normalise conversations around mental health. You’ll also learn about help available to be able to signpost if needed.

Mental health awareness training

Designed for anyone in an organisation who’s keen to increase their knowledge of mental health and help develop proven coping strategies. You’ll discover empowered mental health language, as well as explore your own stress signature and learn about help, treatments and coping strategies.

Mental Health First Aid training

We are licensed to deliver a range of MHFA England training products. Designed for anyone in an organisation who’d like to support young people’s or adults’ mental health, MHFA courses equip delegates with the skills needed to take care of their own and others’ mental wellbeing.


The benefits of mental health training

Proactive mental health training is important if we’re to challenge stigma around mental health and normalise conversations, enabling those struggling to more comfortably speak out in need of support.

Organisations are wise to pay as much attention to mental health training as they do physical first aid training. Investing in mental health awareness and support has been proven to boost productivity and performance, as well as improve culture and create a more positive atmosphere. 

Govox’s mental health training equips individuals with the skills and confidence to speak about mental health concerns, handle situations appropriately and offer appropriate support.

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