Wellbeing champion training

This interactive course will empower anyone with a keen interest in becoming an advocate for mental health awareness to gain a solid understanding of mental health and how to normalise conversations. Learn how to support wellbeing initiatives and influence positive culture change.

Wellbeing champion training

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Workplace wellbeing champion training, or wellbeing champion training in any setting, is designed to inspire and motivate wellbeing advocates to help create a more positive culture – one in which mental health is freely discussed, with support in place. What is a wellbeing champion? The ‘wellbeing champion’ role is usually taken on alongside an individual’s day-to-day responsibilities. A wellbeing champion is often a volunteer within an organisation tasked with promoting physical and mental wellbeing and raising awareness of supportive wellbeing strategies available.  

This course will see you discover how to support wider wellbeing initiatives, promote positive culture change and help to normalise conversations around mental health. You’ll gain a solid understanding of mental health from a non-medical perspective, be able to support wellbeing events, and become an advocate for speaking up and seeking professional support when needed. You’ll also learn about help available to be able to signpost if needed.

The course follows our ‘connect, identify, support’ approach and equips you with the tools and know-how to expertly manage the Govox online wellbeing platform. 

Our wellbeing champion training is highly interactive, with whiteboard activities, quizzes, group work and practical examples, as well as short videos. Meanwhile, our in-person course features walking wall activities, information stands, gamification and challenges. Whether online or face to face, this course is highly engaging and provides profound learning experiences and a wellbeing champion ‘toolkit’ of resources and skills to use in your new role. 

How it works

Course content


Become acquainted with mental health from a non-medical perspective and discover mental health core concepts. Plus, learn the fundamentals for good mental health and develop a personal resilience toolkit.


We’ll cover mental health distress (which includes depression, anxiety, eating disorders, psychosis and trauma), mental ill health and the biopsychological approach and how you can get the best of the Govox wellbeing platform.


You'll learn how to normalise conversations and helpful approaches and discover the importance of earliest intervention and messages of hope. You’ll discover treatments and referral pathways and considerations for equity, diversity and inclusion.

Training outcomes and benefits 

Implementing wellbeing champions in the workplace, or any setting, brings with it many benefits. They drive a more positive and open culture and challenge stigma around mental health – ultimately, helping to create an improved experience at work, which we know employees value. Armed with our wellbeing champion training, you’ll help to drive change and will promote and facilitate a positive culture.

This is an engaging and highly interactive course that consists of two three-hour courses and caters for up to 16 delegates. It can be conducted online or face-to-face. 

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