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Poor mental health is often invisible - it’s difficult to spot the warning signs in someone who’s struggling. Govox helps you see behind the coping mechanisms.

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About us

Govox is shaping the future of a happier and healthier world in its mission to save lives.

Founded in 2018, initially to support local sports clubs following the sad loss of a number of grassroots rugby players by suicide, Govox exists to provide insights for wellbeing leaders. It does this via an online mental health platform, which is steeped in innovative technology and provides data and insights to pinpoint at-risk individuals. Working in collaboration with our network of specialist mental health partners, we upskill organisations to spot poor mental health and negotiate sometimes-difficult conversations.

We make sure those struggling with their mental health are given the forum to be heard – by their peers, employers and anybody in a position of trust.

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We turn difficult situations into positive outcomes.

Understanding mental health isn’t easy. Using technology and an effective proactive approach, we can improve happiness and save lives in the workplace, education and sports organisations.


People are invited to check in on a digital device and answer a series of short, friendly questions. This takes less than two minutes and is simple to engage with.


Check-in results on the Govox wellbeing dashboard instantly highlight those who may benefit from some support, enabling organisations to have the conversations that matter.


After each check in, the participant will receive their own personal wellbeing report, which offers proven wellbeing techniques tailored to their specific answers.

Our wellbeing platform is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: check in

Each user will receive an online invite to check in on their phone, tablet or computer. They will be asked to answer some short, friendly questions, which have been designed to flag up any concerns.

It takes only a couple of minutes to check in and this simplicity and ease means our users are found to regularly engage with the platform.

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