The Proactive Wellbeing & Engagement Platform

Govox is a proactive wellbeing and engagement platform, crafted to nurture healthier and more productive environments in both educational institutions and workplaces.

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The challenges of mental health management in the workplace

In today's fast-paced work environment, ensuring the mental wellbeing of employees often becomes a complex task for managers and organisations alike. Traditional methods like annual surveys or open-door policies lack the immediacy and precision to gauge real-time mental health status.

As a result, issues like employee burnout, disengagement, and decreased productivity can go unnoticed until they reach a critical point. Furthermore, without actionable insights or a structured approach, managers find it difficult to implement effective wellbeing programmes.

This gap not only affects individual team members but can also have a lasting impact on the overall health of the organisation.

How can we help you and your team?

What do our insights tell us?

  • 8% of people on our platform would benefit from speaking to professional clinical support

  • 65% of people on our platform are happy to openly share how they are feeling 

  • 1 million Govox Check In invitations delivered

  • 10% drop in employee attrition rate in a 9 month period* following proactive Red Flag interventions by managers

  • 63% of our clients have an Employee Happiness Index averaging above 70%.

  • £2500 is the average business saving following a proactive intervention triggered by a colleague’s Red Flag. 

  • 10% increase in employee happiness after 3 months of proactive check ins, helping to stimulate more open conversations and in helping to reduce the stigmas

    *according to a recent case study with one of our SME clients.

How it works

1. Regular Check-Ins

Employees are invited to Check In via our user-friendly platform. Taking only a few minutes, it's as simple as answering a few questions about how they're feeling. 45% of our users Check In monthly.

2. Employee Support

Based on their Check In scores, employees receive immediate feedback, signposting and resources that empower them to proactively manage their wellbeing. Govox will also signpost your colleagues to your existing EAP and rewards & benefits partners, driving further engagement.

3. Insights & Recommendations

We gather all the Check In data and crunch the numbers to offer a real-time snapshot of the team and organisation's wellbeing.

Trusted by...

"The Govox solution is just so simple. It creates that greater level of connectivity. It helps the leadership understand who needs a quick chat, when they need it, support them with what has bothered them and really understand their feelings."

Case study

Rob Harris

Customer Delivery Director at Centrica

The partnership with Govox has significantly contributed to employee engagement and we have seen a strong uptake.

Case study

Claire Lish

Director of Human Resources, Pepper UK


How Govox supports your people

Our wellbeing platform provides staff, students and club members with useful, actionable insights and resources, while leaders are given tools to connect and offer the right wellbeing support. You’ll benefit from:

Maximise existing support

When someone in your organisation needs professional support, they are given the option to connect with a BACP accredited counsellor via the Govox In the Moment Support Line.

If you already have access to this type of service, for example via EAP, we can integrate with that.

Increased engagement

The results of our wellbeing survey can be made anonymous or visible, and the whole thing takes less than two minutes to complete, meaning people are more likely to engage. 

Tailored support

Data is useful but clear insights enable you to make a real difference. With personalised results, you’ll be able to identify trends or patterns in an individual and spot key areas of concern. 

Meaningful connections

We exist to facilitate a bond of trust between you and your teams – you’ll know when to step in and, importantly, how to offer the support that makes the difference. 

Reduced absenteeism & staff turnover

Give leaders, employees, students and club members the tools to manage mental health and make them less likely to take sick days or prolonged time off.

This results in increased retention and, consequently, lower recruitment costs where applicable.  

Improved productivity and performance

The platform enables you to foster a people-centric  ethos that shows everyone their wellness is important and their contribution is highly valued. 

Why do I need this?

With 1 in 4 UK adults experiencing a Mental Health problem each year, early identification of employees who may be at risk for sickness related to Wellbeing, offers a substantial ROI alongside your duty of care.  

Govox changes the focus from reactive measures, which often involve costs related to sick pay, temporary staffing and lowered productivity, to proactive, preventive and supportive actions.  

These proactive steps can dramatically lower the costs associated with absenteeism while enhancing employee engagement and output.  

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Who does it benefit?

Senior Management and Directors

Strategic Insight: Gain data-driven insights into the overall wellbeing of the organisation, aiding in decision-making. Risk Mitigation: Proactively address potential mental health crises, reducing absenteeism and potential legal liabilities. Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrate a commitment to employee wellbeing, enhancing the company's image and attractiveness to potential clients and partners.

Human Resources (HR)

Recruitment and Retention: Attract and retain top talent by showcasing a commitment to employee wellbeing. Decreased Absenteeism: Reduce the number of sick days taken due to mental health issues. Training and Development: Identify areas where wellbeing training and support are needed, tailoring interventions to specific needs.