Support that works for you and your people

The wellbeing of your people has a direct impact on your organisation. Ensuring everyone has access to the support they need, when they need it is key to success. Giving you clear visibility of the impact is the cherry on top.


How Govox supports your people

Our wellbeing platform provides staff, students and club members with useful, actionable insights and resources, while leaders are given tools to connect and offer the right wellbeing support. You’ll benefit from:

Maximise existing support

When someone in your organisation needs professional support, they are given the option to connect with a BACP accredited counsellor via the Govox In the Moment Support Line.

If you already have access to this type of service, for example via EAP, we can integrate with that.

Increased engagement

The results of our wellbeing survey can be made anonymous or visible, and the whole thing takes less than two minutes to complete, meaning people are more likely to engage. 

Tailored support

Data is useful but clear insights enable you to make a real difference. With personalised results, you’ll be able to identify trends or patterns in an individual and spot key areas of concern. 

Meaningful connections

We exist to facilitate a bond of trust between you and your teams – you’ll know when to step in and, importantly, how to offer the support that makes the difference. 

Reduced absenteeism & staff turnover

Give leaders, employees, students and club members the tools to manage mental health and make them less likely to take sick days or prolonged time off.

This results in increased retention and, consequently, lower recruitment costs where applicable.  

Improved productivity and performance

The platform enables you to foster a people-centric  ethos that shows everyone their wellness is important and their contribution is highly valued. 

Let’s spread some happiness

Want to check in on your staff, players or students? Let us increase the happiness of your team by 10% within three months.

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