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The Priory School

Govox partners with The Priory School to improve student’s mental health and provide actionable insights to their DSL team.


“Govox has given us a true insight into our young people's brains. They say that you should always ask someone 'how are you?' twice. This platform goes to great length to ask this very question in a range of different statement-based explorative ways.

Govox has enabled us to empower our students to think and reflect upon themselves and reach out for support without feeling they are 'asking for support'. Some students will naturally come forward and seek help, but for those who don't feel they want/can do this, it still identifies them, allowing us to seek these out for much-needed intervention. This has encouraged students to be open and honest within their answers to the statements.


As a member of staff overseeing Govox, I regularly take the findings back to the rest of my Child Protection Team and Senior Leadership Team. I love the fact that we can adapt and edit the statements directly with Govox, should we realise that we'd like to gain different findings. The platform is easy to use. Students are provided with instant feedback based on their statements and this is important- they feel heard.


Govox is a vital resource in helping us to aid and improve young people's mental health.”


Claudia Follano - Assistant Headteacher for Student Wellbeing

The Priory School


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