Why Govox

We're dedicated to enhancing mental health and wellbeing through innovative and data-driven solutions


An unhealthy environment and culture can severely impact employee wellbeing and, furthermore, their output for the business. Govox can help you improve overall wellbeing and happiness in your team.

Measure satisfaction

Employee satisfaction refers to how content an individual is in their work and whether they feel their needs and desires are being met in a professional capacity.

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Workplace / employee benefits

Organisations that invest in workplace wellbeing programs reap the rewards of engaged, satisfied and productive employees who want to thrive and are less likely to take time off.

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Employee productivity

Employee productivity is a measure of a person’s performance and output at work. It’s essentially how efficient an employee is in a given amount of time.

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Culture change

Is driven by your organisation’s purpose, values, goals and traditions and a positive workplace culture is important for the wellbeing and happiness of your staff and, ultimately, the performance of the business.

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Managing remote teams

A mentally healthy and happy team is conducive of one that’s productive, effective and, importantly, committed to the organisation.

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Employer CSR

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) outlines an organisation’s ethical outlook and undertaking of activities to impact not only the workplace but society, the environment and the economy.

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Diversity & inclusion

The importance of a diverse and inclusive environment mustn’t be underestimated – it’s crucial if your people are to feel a sense of belonging and, ultimately, produce quality work and achieve their true potential.

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