Supporting wellbeing in schools


Helping to nurture mentally healthy schools so young people can thrive.

According to NHS Digital, one in six children aged between six and 16 in England are likely to have a mental health problem. Whether it’s brought on by studies, peer pressure, problems at home or something else entirely, teachers and educational setting staff are ideally placed to spot early warning signs of vulnerabilities and poor mental health – it’s critical they’re given the tools to address wellbeing needs.

With the right resources, schools, colleges and universities can do more to champion mental health in young people and identify those who are struggling and might benefit from personalised support.

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Govox FREE for 1000 secondary schools

Can your staff see behind the A-star student? Unbelievably, five children in a classroom of 30 are likely to have a mental health problem. To help your secondary school teachers and wider staff identify those at-risk children and give them the support they need, we’re offering the Govox tool to 1000 secondary schools for free this September.

So, if you’re a Head Teacher, Deputy Head, Head of Wellbeing or other key decision maker, please register your school’s details today.

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Mental health full circle: helping teachers to help students

Good staff wellbeing in schools is a necessity if we’re to improve mental health in educational settings – it doesn’t just come down to the students. 

Teachers and other school staff have a big responsibility to ensure the good mental health of their pupils, along with juggling other demands of the role, so it’s important they’re given the right emotional support too. Mental health and wellbeing initiatives in schools should be extended to staff and every measure in place to ensure these leaders are the epitome of the school’s culture and values. They lead by example, after all, so ensuring they feel supported is crucial.


Promoting wellbeing in education

It’s crucial school settings get hands on in supporting students’ mental health and wellbeing. But with teaching provision often stretched and time a luxury that isn’t guaranteed, it can be difficult for teachers and staff to open up conversations and provide that much-needed support in the classroom. Govox helps teachers put a discreet lens on students’ mental health and extract information from them in a non-intrusive way that leaves them more likely to open up. In a class of 30, five young people are likely to be living with poor mental health – we help schools, colleges and universities spot who.


We turn difficult situations into positive outcomes.

Understanding mental health isn’t easy. Using technology and an effective proactive approach, we can improve happiness and save lives in the workplace, education and sports organisations.


People are invited to check in on a digital device and answer a series of short, friendly questions. This takes less than two minutes and is simple to engage with.


Check-in results on the Govox wellbeing dashboard instantly highlight those who may benefit from some support, enabling organisations to have the conversations that matter.


After each check in, the participant will receive their own personal wellbeing report, which offers proven wellbeing techniques tailored to their specific answers.

Confident and thriving pupils and staff

Our wellbeing platform provides the end user, whether a student or staff member, with actionable insights and resources, while teachers and staff are given knowledge and tools to connect and offer the right wellbeing support. You’ll benefit from:

Increased engagement

We know that students are more likely to engage with an online platform. It takes less than two minutes to complete so won’t take up too much of their already busy schedule.