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BMet College

Govox launches a new partnership with BMet College in Birmingham to support over 5000 students.


Launching this month, Govox are excited to be working with BMet, to provide their Wellbeing Platform for proactive mental health & wellbeing support to their student cohort.
Identifying small issues early, can make a big difference in people’s lives.

The Govox platform make sure those struggling with their mental health are given the forum to be heard – by their peers, lecturers, and anybody in a position of trust.

Kay Burton-Williams, Director of Student Experience & Designated Safeguarding Lead BMet, commented: “BMet has a duty to protect and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults receiving education and training at our colleges. We are committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding at all times. BMet promotes a culture of vigilance where all our staff know their responsibilities and act accordingly, and all learners are aware of what they can expect and what to do if they have concerns. The partnership with Govox enhances this commitment.
The Govox platform will ensure that BMet are regularly connecting with our students through the Check In, identify those students who are struggling and haven’t as yet, spoken up and finally to support our students with targeted proactive Mental Health support & signposting services.”

Elaine Lucas, Head of Client Services at Govox – commented: “Following a successful pilot project with BMet, we are delighted to be fully supporting the BMet students. It’s crucial that colleges get hands on in supporting students’ mental health and wellbeing. But with teaching provision often stretched and time a luxury that isn’t guaranteed, it can be difficult for teachers and staff to open-up conversations and provide that much-needed support in the classroom.
Govox helps teachers put a discreet lens on students’ mental health and extract information from them in a non-intrusive way that leaves them more likely to open-up. In a class of thirty, five young people are likely to be living with poor mental health – we help schools, colleges and universities spot who.”


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