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Bentley Wood


Bentley Wood High School, are committed to developing and maintaining positive emotional and mental health and general wellbeing in their school community for both students and staff.  They firmly believe that happy, secure students learn more effectively and are more confident and motivated with their studies. 


Govox are delighted to be embedded at the heart of this Pastoral strategy. 


“The Govox platform is a powerful addition to our mental health provision at Bentley Wood. It offers a time-saving approach to checking-in on the wellbeing of our students. Importantly, it supports a preventative approach to student wellbeing, helping us to spot issues before they develop into bigger concerns.  


The Govox platform sends each student relevant and tailored wellbeing advice, while also flagging up students who need more personal interventions, for example, a chat with a member of the pastoral team, or an onward referral.  


Another excellent aspect of using the platform is that it provides us with a rounder picture of a student who is flagged up in other areas, such as in attendance or academic performance.  


In short, it is a highly valued, and highly recommended, tool.” 


Francis O’Sullivan 

Assistant Headteacher 

Senior Mental Health Lead 

Bentley Wood High School 


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