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JESTIC Foodservice Solutions

JESTIC Foodservice Solutions have has partnered with Govox to better support their UK workforce.

Dave Jones, Head of People at Jestic commented..

“Our priority at Jestic this year has been to focus on our communication and engagement with our people, we are a complex business with multiple office based and field based teams. It’s been beneficial to work with Govox, as this has really helped us ensure we are focusing on having really meaningful, proactive one to ones. It’s helped us identify individuals needing support and have good, honest conversations and take positive action. Govox has also helped us identify where we need to do a better job of structuring communication and support with our apprentices as well. 

We have lots of EAP benefits available to our employees that cover a very wide range of services and support, I find there is such a range available, its often hard to know how best to promote it all, the risk is things get a little lost. Govox has helped me communicate and promote the right support at the right time. A clear theme has been around ‘Body’ and ‘Mind’ so amongst other things we have purposefully promoted discounted gym memberships, bike to work schemes and self-development tools focused on meditation, mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

Govox has also helped provide me with a natural way to support our managers to make sure they are confident in having supportive conversations and to understand how best to provide support.

We have been delighted with how well our teams have engaged with the platform, with 80% of employees have engaged overall and monthly we continue to hear from nearly 40% of our colleagues across the business.”

Jonathan Bentley, Director at Govox Wellbeing commented..

“We are delighted to be working with Dave and the Jestic team, as they continue their journey to better support their people and build a happier and healthier business.  High engagement rates via the platform are great to see in the data, but what is even more encouraging to hear is the growing level in confidence of their colleagues to speak freely about their feelings and concerns and for the Jestic leadership team to be taking proactive steps to better support their people based on the Govox insights.”

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