Wellbeing solutions

Using technology and a proactive approach, the Govox wellbeing platform helps organisations promote and manage a healthier, happier culture.


Upskill with mental health training 

Supporting mental health, whatever your setting or industry, has never been more important. Checking in with individuals regularly can help to spot the warning signs in someone struggling with their mental health. Govox offers various training courses designed to help you become confident in discussing mental health, recognising the warning for early intervention and understanding how to support someone in need and signpost the most appropriate onward support.

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Wellbeing check-in

Designed to treat people as individuals for increased engagement.

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Personal wellbeing report

Helpful content and proven techniques to proactively make positive wellbeing changes.

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Insights & reporting

Insights provided by the wellbeing dashboard empower organisations to effect real change.

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Online wellbeing dashboard

A unique dashboard presenting users’ results and highlighting at-risk individuals.

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Alert feature

Receive instant alerts to notable results and support individuals’ wellbeing.

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Our wellbeing platform is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: check in

Each user will receive an online invite to check in on their phone, tablet or computer. They will be asked to answer some short, friendly questions, which have been designed to flag up any concerns.

It takes only a couple of minutes to check in and this simplicity and ease means our users are found to regularly engage with the platform.

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Support those with poor mental health

Govox helps organisations support people at every stage of the mental health spectrum. Build a more positive and open culture, helping people talk more freely about their wellbeing, with Govox. Show your people they’re valued by implementing wellbeing initiatives and offering support at the time they need it most. We can support you with online mental health tests, and access to medical experts and proven leading-edge approaches.

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