Proactive wellbeing support to save lives

A devastating 18 people take their own lives every day in the UK – we must put a stop to this. Govox exists to save lives. It’s our mission.


Govox: where it all began

An organisation with a mission to save lives sounds ambitious but it’s fuelled by our founders’ back story and is deep-seated in everything Govox does. 

Until 2018, our collective view of mental health and wellbeing was typical of our generation. Our approach to supporting people showing signs of struggling could be summed up in one sentence that went along the lines of ‘everyone has a bad day, mate’. However, we weren’t the villains of the story – we were products of our background. 

Our founding team – Richard Lucas, George McGraffin and Adrian Burton – met through local rugby, had only known a predominantly male-dominated education and workplace, and were more comfortable with ‘banter’ than openly speaking about feelings. But all that changed when a sad series of events jolted them out of their complacency, after losing rugby friends to suicide and witnessing near misses in their workplaces. Something had to change.

Meet the team

Our journey to supporting mental health

Since setting up Govox, we’ve made great strides and been joined by some fantastic people and partnerships. This is how the business got to where it is today:


In the aftermath of the tragedies, we first questioned how we could have helped more. On realising that sadly our experiences weren’t isolated cases, we widened our links with leaders in other workplaces, sports organisations and educational settings, only to hear of many more devastating cases.

Identifying the problem

We came to realise one of the key problems was the demand on our time and resources as leaders – there was no way of knowing exactly who in our teams needed the support. We wanted to be able to confidently answer a simple question: if we only had time to make one call today, who in our team would we call?

Building the solution

We identified that, in today’s society, people are more open than ever to online devices. They trust and open up to their screens in a way that so many struggle to do in a face-to-face setting. As Govox took shape, we knew we wanted to help transform wellbeing in individuals, improve connections and help those in a position of trust to offer much-needed – sometimes life-saving – support. The challenge was to create a platform that connects people quickly and easily, enabling us to check in with each other, spot who needs help and increase happiness all round.


Who do we help?

We improve happiness and save lives predominantly in the workplace, education and sports organisations, but we’re here for anyone who needs support.


Physical activity has a positive impact on mental wellbeing but ‘club culture’ can take its toll. Check in on your players and offer support where you can pinpoint it’s needed.