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Wellbeing is crucial to the success of any business, educational setting or sports club. Its people are at the heart of it all and it pays dividends when they feel valued and supported. Whatever the size of your organisation, Govox offers a tailored solution to help you measure happiness and manage wellbeing.

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See all of our latest platform features below.

Regular Wellbeing Check in

At agreed dates with your organisation, an email communication is sent to your users inviting them to complete a check in. By proactively reaching out in this way, everyone is included and it's not just down to the individual to recognise they need help and ask for it. The check in consists of a series of non-intrusive, predominantly multiple choice questions which focus on the individual's Wellbeing and can be completed on any device that the user can view their emails on. The process takes less than a couple of minutes. This ease of access and speed to complete helps drive high engagement and doesn't impact the work day. At the end of each Check In, they can choose if they want to remain anonymous, or are happy for their responses to be visible.

Anonymous vs Visible responses

If an organisation chooses to, they can include a question in the check in which gives the respondents, the option to keep their responses anonymous. While the responses of anyone who chooses to remain anonymous are not visible to the organisation, the individual user still benefits from taking some time out of their day to really consider how they are feeling and they still get their follow up email, of relevant light touch Wellbeing hints and tips based on their responses. If they choose to share their responses, then these are displayed as normal on the Wellbeing dashboard enabling organisations to pin-point individuals who may need support and precious resources can then be properly assigned to those who need them the most.


Having the ability to access and view your team's responses at any time on the Wellbeing dashboard, is great but sometimes situations arise where it's better to know sooner rather than later. Our Alert function, immediately draws attention to any serious issues, by sending an email to the nominated support within the organisation. This can occur whenever someone responds to the check in questions in such a way that it triggers our pre-agreed alerts. These can be set against specific questions, if an individual's happiness score drops below a certain % or, if they raise a certain number of red flags. The nominated support therefore gets immediate notification, that someone in their team, needs urgent support and can pick up that conversation earlier, before the issue becomes a larger problem and increased resources are required to resolve.


Language should not be a barrier to accessing Mental Health and Wellbeing support therefore we are able to have the questions translated into any language and will work with organisations to ensure the phrasing used, is relevant for the intended users. This ensures that everyone is given the opportunity in organisations worldwide, to check in and allows those multi-national organisations to check in with all their teams in exactly the same way, no matter where they are in the world.

Diversity & Inclusion Questions

A feeling of 'belonging' to an organisation is a large part of a person's Wellbeing. Including questions that give users an opportunity to express whether they feel diversity and inclusion is welcomed, ensures organisations can be confident that they don't have any concerns amongst their team(s) and can pro-actively pinpoint where there may be an issue, should it arise. They can also historically track when and where within the organisation concerns were raised.

Personal Wellbeing Report

Once a user has completed their Wellbeing Check In, the Govox platform instantly identifies which area of Wellbeing they would most benefit from having some support in. The system will automatically generate and display a personalised resource page for the individual user. It is full of relevant and timely hints & tips, based on their Check In responses. This support helps individuals manage their own Wellbeing and make the small changes that could make a big difference. They will also receive an email containing the piece of content that the system identifies is the most relevant and the user will be able to return to their full “Wellbeing Resource” via a link in this email.  Proactive signposting is also embedded, linking them to internal and external support services including their EAP.​

5 Pillars of Wellbeing

Govox has worked with Kings College London to develop a Wellbeing model that sits behind our check in questions. The 5 pillars of Wellbeing model uses Mind, Body, Emotion, Fulfilment and Connections. We are also able to introduce additional pillars of focus, depending on key issues impacting your business and people. For example during the COVID outbreak, we were able to support specific COVID19 issues and most recently, Financial Wellbeing has been introduced as a 6th Pillar of Wellbeing for many of our clients.

Happiness Score

When someone completes a check in, our algorithm running in the background, analyses their responses and assigns them a unique Happiness score. Shown on the Wellbeing dashboard the Happiness score, is displayed as a bar graph and allows and enables nominated support to immediately see which members of the team/group are most unhappy, enabling them to target resources where they will be best utilised. This measure is consistent over time, and across teams, helping you have a wider view of any potential issues or concerns.

Red Flags

Red flags are used to highlight, to the nominated support, whenever an individual has responded negatively to question(s). Displayed at the very top of the Wellbeing dashboard, the red flags allow immediate recognition of who requires some support, it also gives you a clear view of the biggest issues across the whole team, by showing the number of individuals who triggered a red flag linked to each question.

Personal Wellbeing Report - Support View

Those within the organisation who have access to the Wellbeing dashboard are able to view the Wellbeing support content for that month. Importantly, who within their team has been sent which piece(s) of support content. This empowers them to have the follow up conversation with individuals, as they can have a more informed, connected and helpful conversation having seen exactly what the individual has received.

Intro/Outro Messages

Organisations can take the opportunity to share a message with their teams at the start or end of the check in. It is completely customisable and can be used to signpost to existing support, give a timeframe to expect a response or simply thank the individual for taking the time to complete the check in.

Financial Wellbeing

Taking into account the economic situation worldwide, Govox has expanded it's check in questions to include a 6th pillar of Wellbeing - Financial Wellbeing.

Govox focuses on the Physical and Mental Wellbeing impact, derived from their Financial Wellbeing concerns.

Big data reporting

The Govox Wellbeing Check In process gathers a huge amount of data. This day to day data drives tactical support to individuals, via the Personal Wellbeing Report and the real time visibility to the support network via their Online Wellbeing Dashboard.

At a more strategic level, the data can also be used to help inform you of key trends, issues and impacts across your business. Via the platform, you can download your own data reports, setting your own timescales and parameters each time. We are also able to create custom reports for your specific organisation.

Online Wellbeing Dashboard

Our unique Wellbeing dashboard is accessible at any time, only to those nominated within the organisation, and provides an easy to read overview of your team's responses. It is updated immediately in real time when a user completes a check in and allows you to see who within your team may benefit from a quick chat, keeping valuable resources focused on what the real issues are and who could do with some support.


Each individual that completes a check in, is given the opportunity to leave a free text comment, where they can share their current thoughts/concerns/suggestions in more detail. This helps organisations to have greater insight over their teams and act upon any specific concerns. This personalised approach further helps you understand your people and specific issues impacting them.

Organisation Level Dashboard

The organisation level dashboard gives you an 'at a glance' view of how your people are feeling across a period of time. From there, you can drill down further into your organisation's structure all the way to an individual level. You have the ability to view the number of interventions that are taking place across your business and specific areas that might need improvement.

Individual User Dashboard

Much like the team Wellbeing dashboard, the nominated support can access a dashboard for each individual user, enabling them to see the latest check in responses, but also over time for that specific individual. They can track changes, see when something changes for that individual and whether any interventions they put in place improved things.

Signposting (internal and external)

Branded with your organisations logo, the Personal Wellbeing Report can also be used to signpost to any existing support you may have within your organisation, as well as any external links to organisations offering support that you want to steer your team(s) towards.

Red Flag / Alert on Comments

We have a database of Mental Health and Wellbeing keywords. If someone in your team uses any of these trigger key words in their individual comments section, then this is shown on the Wellbeing dashboard in red to draw attention to those individuals.

Onboarding & Team Management

Our easy to use administration tools allow you to manage your teams easily and efficiently. We also have the ability to integrate directly with your user directory for seamless updates. Speak to us today on how we tailor your customised setup.

User/ Wellbeing Notes

On each individual user dashboard, there's the facility to add meeting notes. These notes can be used to keep track of any relevant information about the individual or conversations that have been had with them, enabling anyone with access to pick up the next conversation. This provides an accurate case report allowing continuity of support.

Govox Social Wellbeing

The power of Govox Wellbeing is our community of both academic experience but critically lived experiences. Our Wellbeing platform is able to present supporting information to users at the most relevant time for them, as an individual and based on how they feel.

As a moderated version of social media, Govox’s Social Wellbeing community is able to share its own advice and content with others. In order to do this, we invite you all to upload and share content that you have created that would help others. The subject areas are broad and we purposely invite diversity of thought and real life experiences to be shared. From your Tik Tok videos to Inspirations shared on Instagram, as well as longer format blogs and infographics, please feel free to upload your contact via the link here.

Personal Wellbeing Report - Skin - Branding

All Govox Wellbeing communications can be co branded using your organisation's logo. This is your check in with your people and reaffirms that personal connection with your team

Single Sign-on

We can integrate with your user directory to provide a seamless login experience to our platform.

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3 in 10 people admit to being deeply unhappy, while 1 in 10 have considered taking their own lives. That means someone in your office, your team, or someone sitting next to you is feeling desperate right now.

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This is at the heart of what we do, happy people and happy teams deliver exceptional results. Developed by experts, our check-in proposition helps you understand who needs your support, and when. From perfectly formed small teams to large organisations, the more you get to know your people, the more supportive you can be and the better environment you can create.

As many as you need to. You set the team size and confirm how often you want to Check In. No team too small, no team too big.

You have better things to do with your time than a load of admin and set up, so we do that for you. We simply need a list of your team’s names and email addresses, and confirmation of how often you want to check in.

For our bespoke surveys we need a list of questions, but we will talk you through that and help manage the surveys to drive the best insight.

Yes, through our custom surveys.

Survey results are collated and key insights identified. We then simply email them to the person you nominate (which could be you). Again