Insights and reporting

Data is great, but when it comes to individuals’ mental wellbeing, it’s the insights and intricate knowledge that enables you to effect real change where it’s needed.

Employee wellbeing

Making an investment in wellbeing

If you’re looking to priortise mental health and wellbeing in your organisation, a wellbeing platform is a great tool to help gauge happiness and engagement in your team. However, you’ll only be able to build a wellbeing strategy that works if you have full visibility of your team’s feelings, as well as perceptions and pertinent insights that can be leveraged to effect real change. 

Govox’s online wellbeing platform gives you the opportunity to check in with your team with questions based on areas you know are of particular concern. The online wellbeing dashboard provides you with the results of users' check ins, which aren’t anonymous, enabling you to make informed decisions for a healthier, happier culture.

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Insights and reporting

Personalised people analytics to create engaged teams and meet organisational goals

Organisations thrive when their people are in good mental health, engaged in their performance and, consequently, at their most productive. 

Following on from your team’s check ins, Govox provides insights personal to each individual to help you proactively pinpoint those at risk, as well as identify trending emotions, motivators and stress triggers. 

We can help you tailor analytics to what matters most to your organisation. With our in-depth insights and reporting, you can measure employee happiness and receive alerts when individuals supply negative responses or reasons for concern.

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