Supporting diversity and inclusion


What is diversity and inclusion?

The importance of a diverse and inclusive environment mustn’t be underestimated – it’s crucial if your people are to feel a sense of belonging and, ultimately, produce quality work and achieve their true potential.

Diversity and inclusion are not interchangeable. Diversity is the term given to differences in gender, race, religion, age, ethnicity and many other attributes. Inclusion, meanwhile, refers to a culture in which everybody within the diverse mix feels accepted, valued and free to be themselves. 

By showing a workforce, team or group of students respect and appreciation for who they are, and creating a nurturing environment that values their differences, performance is improved and their happiness increased. 

An inclusive environment breeds an engaged team in which individuals feel supported and their contribution valued, whatever their background or identity.

Diversity and Inclusion

Why diversity and inclusion matters

A diverse and inclusive environment is one that’s totally accepting of its people and they’re able to work openly, collaboratively and effectively. If this isn’t present, wellbeing and engagement will be undoubtedly impacted.

Businesses, schools and sports organisations that foster a diverse and inclusive environment benefit from new perspectives and innovative thinking, as well as an increased level of trust between leaders and their people. 

A diverse group in an inclusive environment is given the platform and tools to thrive in their role. This results in improved performance and productivity for the organisation, as well as good mental health and increased happiness for the individual.

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Monitor inclusion

Using an online wellbeing platform to monitor inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is at an individual’s discretion. Whether it is good or bad in an organisation, it only takes one person feeling like they don’t belong and you have a very valid challenge to resolve.

Unique to the Govox wellbeing platform, leaders and managers are given clear visibility when a user flags a concern around diversity and inclusion – with an alert feature highlighting when someone feels uncomfortable, or like they don’t belong. This enables organisations to proactively support diversity and inclusion, identifying the root cause of any issues, as well as providing a clear audit trail that shows a demonstrably effective and genuine approach.


We turn difficult situations into positive outcomes.

Understanding mental health isn’t easy. Using technology and an effective proactive approach, we can improve happiness and save lives in the workplace, education and sports organisations.


People are invited to check in on a digital device and answer a series of short, friendly questions. This takes less than two minutes and is simple to engage with.


Check-in results on the Govox wellbeing dashboard instantly highlight those who may benefit from some support, enabling organisations to have the conversations that matter.


After each check in, the participant will receive their own personal wellbeing report, which offers proven wellbeing techniques tailored to their specific answers.

Govox has been an invaluable tool for ISZN. The ability to tailor make questions on a monthly basis and get feedback from every student in the school really lets us see the impact we are making. I cannot recommend Govox enough as part of our wider pastoral approach and have been very thankful for the insight and support the system has provided.

Sandra Price

Head of Middle Years, ISZN Secondary

We have found Govox really valuable in being able to monitor people that we don’t see every day, understand and sense check their mental wellness and highlight any issues. It’s a really helpful platform for picking out people that may benefit from a chat and is a very useful tool in terms of managing and supporting wellbeing.

Dianne Elliot

Sport Science Medicine Manager, Swim England

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Depending on your specific requirements, there is a Govox wellbeing solution for you.

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