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Staff surveys designed to treat people as individuals - not numbers on a spreadsheet - with questions that can be tailored to your team for increased engagement.

Wellbeing Check In

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One in four people is fighting a battle that isn’t always outwardly noticeable. That’s why it’s more important than ever before that we provide people with a trusted platform to confide unhappiness and listen closely. Mental health affects the way we think, feel and act, as well as impacts how we deal with stressful scenarios, manage relationships and make good choices in life. But could you spot the one person struggling with mental health problems? 

Govox helps you start those conversations by checking in with each person on your team. And this first stage of our wellbeing platform could make a very real difference for that one troubled person.

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What are staff surveys?

The world of communication is fast-paced and doesn’t stand still. Digital communication and the growth of social media has left people more willing and comfortable to talk about their daily lives. This is why our platform works. Participants are happy to engage – and, typically, with a rare level of honesty. 

Govox wellbeing surveys, which are a team, student and staff wellbeing survey, is designed to treat people as individuals and not numbers on a spreadsheet. 

This is a refreshingly different approach that makes a positive difference to user engagement when compared with standard questionnaires. We know that nearly two thirds (62%) of users check in over three months, while more than three quarters (82%) of users check in at least once a year. This is a level of engagement that results in leaders being much better equipped to spot struggling individuals and helps to open up better lines of communication and, ultimately, support.

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Wellbeing Check In

How a staff survey works

Each wellbeing survey is made up of a short series of non-intrusive multiple-choice questions about the participant’s feelings and thoughts at that particular time. The questions have been designed in collaboration with our unique network of expert mental health partners and generate insights across the five pillars of wellbeing: body, mind, connections, fulfilment and emotions. 

The questions are relevant to different types of organisations, including workplaces, schools and sports organisations. However, nobody knows your people better than you, so we’ll work with you to tailor questions to ensure they’re specific to your team and will deliver the insights you need to effect real change. 

Wellbeing check ins are scheduled monthly but you can alter the frequency to suit your organisation’s requirements. Once a participant has received an email invite to check in, the whole process takes less than two minutes (simplicity that equates to boosted user engagement) and it’s designed in a way that will flag up any concerns to you on the online wellbeing dashboard.

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Who do we help?

We improve happiness and save lives predominantly in the workplace, education and sports organisations, but we’re here for anyone who needs support.