Wellbeing platform for HR leaders

The problem

Poor mental health is a costly problem

Poor Mental Health in the workplace is costing UK businesses up to 6.8% of their annual wage bill.  And with 3 in 10 people admitting to being deeply unhappy & with 1 in 10 have considered taking their own lives, the pressure on HR leaders is huge. 

Creating a positive & safe workplace culture, particularly off the back of the Covid Pandemic is central to today’s HR leader’s strategies.  Get it right and businesses see greater presenteeism, improved productivity & significant improvements in recruitment & retention. 

The Solution

How to support wellbeing at work

You owe it to your workforce to be that driving force behind workplace wellbeing. Regular one-to-ones, a listening ear and encouraging positive mental health, are all steps an HR Manager can take to create a supportive environment – but being able to pinpoint where that help should be directed and personalise it, is the way to effect real change. 

Fostering an open and supportive work culture goes a long way towards helping employees feel valued in their work and, importantly, confident in talking about mental health. 

The Benefits

How does Govox improve corporate wellbeing?

Our employee wellbeing platform provides staff with useful, actionable insights and resources, while HR Managers are given real time data to enable greater people insights and be better informed on the wellbeing of their colleagues and the impact of wider people focused initiatives. 

HR Managers can now accurately track their Corporate Wellbeing and strategically benefit from new actionable insights via the Govox data. 


How Govox helps corporate wellbeing

Our employee wellbeing platform provides staff with useful, actionable insights and resources, while business leaders are given tools to connect and offer the right wellbeing support. You’ll benefit from:

Increased engagement

The results of our employee wellbeing survey can be made anonymous or visible, and the whole thing takes less than two minutes to complete, meaning staff are more likely to engage.

Tailored support

Data is useful but clear insights enable you to make a real difference. With personalised results, you’ll be able to identify trends or patterns in an individual and spot key areas of concern.

Meaningful connections

We exist to facilitate a bond of trust between you and your staff – you’ll know when to step in and, importantly, how to offer the support that makes the difference.

Reduced absenteeism

According to Deloitte, poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion a year. Give leaders and employees the tools to manage mental health and staff are less likely to take sick days or prolonged time off.

Improved productivity and performance

The platform enables you to foster a people-centric business ethos that shows staff their wellness is important and their contribution is highly valued.

Reduced staff turnover

Proactively look after employees’ wellbeing and drive their loyalty and sense of belonging. This results in increased staff retention and, consequently, lower recruitment costs.

The best support available, for as little as the price of a cup of coffee.

Depending on your specific requirements, there is a Govox wellbeing solution for you.

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Employee wellbeing is central to our people values & culture, here at Phastar.  Govox gives us new & unique access to employee feedback, real-time analysis and actionable insights, providing our team leaders with a greater understanding of their teams.  We are building an increasingly caring & proactive culture here as we grow internationally.  This is central to our long term strategy of being the employer of choice, attracting and developing the very best people in the research sector.

Peter Taylor – Global HR Director

Global HR Director

The partnership with Govox has significantly contributed to employee engagement and we have seen a strong uptake.

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