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Mount St Mary’s College

As a Jesuit school we are always seeking to ensure that we live out the ‘cura personalis’ – the care of the individual. As well being and mental health concerns for students grew post-Covid we were looking closely at how we could better serve all our students.  

Govox – whose literal Latin translation is to ‘give voice’ was appealing to us as a way of hearing the voice of each person more clearly. This concept is at the centre of everything we do to ensure that our students feel safe, happy and successful during their time at the Mount. As with any good school we have always had a strong system of tutors and support but over the last two years, Govox has allowed us to monitor and inform our school’s approach, essentially leading to the subconscious becoming conscious, when it comes to mental health.  

As a result, we have seen a significant cultural shift within our staff and student body. The monthly check ins are used for both and help us to monitor and respond to pupils needs in a way that is both purposeful and attentive. The data insights that Govox provides has meant that we can have a comprehensive overview of the happiness of our pupils that goes beyond the regular student voice questionnaire, and which now translates into a commonality of language and the confidence to share concerns. It is both a proactive and reactive approach that can be closely tailored, ensuring that it positively impacts the entire community. 

Mount St Mary’s College was one of the first independent schools to be inspected under the new ISI framework Home :: Independent Schools Inspectorate ( earlier this year and following a highly successful inspection report, we were delighted that our approaches to wellbeing, utilising the tools provided by Govox, were highlighted in the report. ISI commented that ‘Pupils, including boarders, speak warmly about the support they receive. They appreciate the online programme which they can use to check on their mental health and know that they can approach teachers with any concerns.’  

At the Mount we are constant in our pursuit of excellence and, through the information Govox provides, we are well equipped to continue on our journey of providing students with high levels of pastoral support and maybe most importantly, we can ensure this is the right support and that it happens at the right time. 


Alexa Middleton 

Associate Assistant Head (Pupil Wellbeing)