Mental health training for managers

A course designed for those roles in an organisation whose responsibilities require them to manage staff. Equip yourself with the skills needed to understand, evaluate and support mental health concerns.

Mental health training for managers

Is this course for you?

If you’re reading about this course, you already know there’s a correlation between good mental health and overall health and excellent performance – and you want to play your part in improving wellbeing. This course will inform, motivate and equip managers to take proactive steps towards better mental health in the organisation.

Mental health for managers training enables you to learn about your legal responsibilities and how to manage mental health through the employee cycle. You’ll also discover how to provide appropriate support and, importantly, find out how to protect your own wellbeing in the process.  

The course follows our ‘connect, identify, support’ approach and equips you with the tools and know-how to expertly manage the Govox online wellbeing platform. 

You can choose to attend our online mental health training for managers, with whiteboard activities, quizzes, group work and practical examples. Alternatively, our in-person course features walking wall activities, gamification and challenges. Either way, the course is highly engaging and provides profound learning experiences. 

How it works

What the course covers

The mental health training for managers course is an introduction to mental health and wellbeing from a non medical and managerial perspective. We’ll cover mental health core concepts (emotional and mental health) causes of mental health distress and mental health conditions, for example), as well as legal responsibilities and workplace context and boundaries.


Get comfortable with normalising conversations, using empowering mental health language and leading with positive examples to bring about positive culture change.


You’ll learn about self-assessment, effective identification of warning signs and spotting someone in crisis, and how to use the wellbeing check in.


Get the skills for effective wellbeing conversations (theory and practical steps) and supporting absences, returns to work and other stages of the employee cycle

Training outcomes and benefits

The benefits of our mental health training for managers courses are plentiful. You’ll build confidence around mental health conversations thanks to an increased knowledge and understanding. You’ll be able to identify mental health distress in your team and put in place proactive positive management techniques. Not only this, but you’ll feel confident in empowering team members to seek conversations with you and ask for your help. You’ll be more equipped, then, to support staff throughout the employee cycle, but, just as importantly, you’ll learn how to protect your own mental health too. 

This is an engaging and highly interactive three-hour course that caters for up to 16 delegates. It can be conducted online or face-to-face.

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