Mental health training for leaders

A course designed for senior leaders and anyone involved in organisational wellbeing strategies. Understand and evaluate mental health to create a more positive culture and high performing workforce.

Mental health training for leaders

Is this course for you?

Good mental health is essential for overall health and excellent performance. This course will inform, motivate and equip senior leaders to take proactive steps towards better mental health in the organisation – creating psychological safety. 

You’ll learn about your legal responsibilities, as well as discover business benefits, strategic wellbeing approaches and how to lead on culture changes that bring about a thriving workforce.

The course follows our ‘connect, identify, support’ approach and equips you with the tools and know-how to expertly manage the Govox online wellbeing platform. 

Choose to attend the course online, with whiteboard activities, quizzes, group work and discussions, or in-person for walking wall activities, gamification and challenges. Either way, the course is highly engaging and extremely interactive.

How it works

What the course covers


Discover more about mental health leadership, as well as mental health and safety, positive impacts and the business case for the course.


You’ll initialise and develop a wellbeing strategy, benchmark towards standards and learn how to identify hot spots


Learn how to support the employee cycle, ensure safety during your strategy’s roll-out and drive a positive culture change.
What you will learn

Training outcomes and benefits

From a business point of view, the benefits of mental health training for leaders are vast. You’ll build an increased knowledge and confidence of mental health leadership responsibilities, as well as an awareness of any links between performance and wellbeing. You’ll also gain an increased awareness of clear and practicable steps to a well-honed wellbeing strategy and, importantly, you’ll learn how to lead positively and safely on mental health. You could make that real difference to one person whose mental health is particularly poor. You could save a life. 

This is a highly interactive 90-minute course that caters for up to 12 delegates. It can be conducted online or face-to-face. 

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