Mental health awareness training

A course designed for anyone in an organisation who’s looking to increase their knowledge of mental health and is keen to develop proven coping strategies.

Mental health awareness training

Is this course for you?

Good mental health is essential for overall health and the key to being the best version of ourselves and unlocking opportunity in every area of our lives. Or mental health awareness training informs, motivates and equips delegates to take proactive steps towards improved mental health – whether you’re in excellent mental health or currently struggling and require some support. 

This mental health awareness course follows our ‘connect, identify, support’ approach and equips you with the tools and know-how to expertly manage the Govox online wellbeing platform. 

You can choose to attend this mental health awareness course online, with whiteboard activities, annotation exercises, self-reflective practice and group work. Alternatively, our in-person course features walking wall activities, information stands and challenges. Either way, the course is highly engaging and provides profound learning experiences.

How it works

What the course covers

This mental health awareness course is an introduction to mental health and wellbeing from a non-medical perspective. We’ll cover mental health core concepts (emotional and mental health) causes of mental health distress and mental health conditions, for example), as well as understanding the essentials for good mental health and the impact of stress.


Discover empowered mental health language and gain techniques to help normalise conversations and help seeking.


You’ll be given the chance to explore your own stress signature and learn how to self-assess, as well as discover how to use the wellbeing check in.


Learn about help and treatments, coping strategies, prevention and earliest interventions. You’ll also get neuroscience hacks and explore how to boost ‘happy hormones’.

Training outcomes and benefits

You’ll reap the rewards of our mental health awareness course in your day-to-day life. Key benefits include an increased knowledge and confidence in mental health and your improved stress management thanks to developing a toolkit. You’ll also have an increased awareness of helpful and proactive coping strategies to improve mental health. You’ll also finish the course with knowledge and skills for how to get the best use of the Govox wellbeing check in, and gain increased confidence in seeking help at the earliest stage possible. 

This is an engaging and highly interactive three-hour course that caters for up to 20 delegates. It can be conducted online or face-to-face. 

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