Wellbeing platform for Head Teachers

The problem

1 in 6 children likely to have a mental health problem

Research from the British Journal of Psychiatry suggest that one in 14 (7%) of children have tried to end their life by the age of 17. 

According to NHS Digital, one in six children aged between six and 16 in England are likely to have a mental health problem.  

Whether it’s brought on by studies, peer pressure, problems at home or something else entirely, Head Teachers are ideally placed to spot early warning signs of vulnerabilities and poor mental health – it’s critical they’re given the tools to address wellbeing needs.  

The Solution

How to support wellbeing in education

With the right resources, Schools, Colleges and Universities can do more to champion mental health in young people and identify those who are struggling and who might benefit from personalised support.   

Govox helps Pastoral leaders & teachers, put a discreet lens on students’ mental health and extract information from them in a non-intrusive way, we often see over 80% engagement rates. In a class of 30, five young people are likely to be living with poor mental health – we help Schools, Colleges and Universities spot who.  


How Govox helps the education sector

The Govox wellbeing platform provides students & staff members, with actionable insights and resources, while teaching staff are given the knowledge and tools to better connect and offer the right wellbeing support.   As a Head Teacher and DSL in your school or College, you’ll benefit from: 

Increased engagement

The results of our student and teacher wellbeing survey can be made anonymous or visible, and the whole thing takes less than two minutes to complete, meaning users are more likely to engage.

Tailored support

Data is useful but clear insights enable you to make a real difference. With personalised results, you’ll be able to identify trends or patterns in an individual and spot key areas of concern.

Meaningful connections

We exist to facilitate a bond of trust between you and your students – you’ll know when to step in and, importantly, how to offer the support that makes the difference.

Reduced absenteeism

Give students and teachers the tools to manage mental health and people are less likely to take sick days or prolonged time off.

Improved productivity and performance

The platform enables you to foster a people-centric ethos that shows students and parents alike that wellness is important and their contribution is highly valued.

Reduced teacher turnover

Proactively look after teachers’ wellbeing and drive their loyalty and sense of belonging. This results in increased staff retention and, consequently, lower recruitment costs.

The best support available, for as little as the price of a cup of coffee.

Depending on your specific requirements, there is a Govox wellbeing solution for you.

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The Govox team has worked closely with our Pastoral team to create a series of questions, asked at regular intervals throughout the term, that allow us to capitalise on our pupils’ use of technology. The red flag system then allows us to triage any issues at an early stage and be proactive rather than reactive to mental health issues.

Liam Copley

Senior Deputy Head, Stowe School

Whilst in school, our pupils complete a monthly wellbeing survey supplied by Govox. The pupils are very familiar with the concept and the results this has given us so far to detect issues early have been invaluable. We encourage all our pupils to take their time with this and complete it thoughtfull and sensibly - a chance for them to pause and reflect on their emotions.

Lotte Tulloch

Sedburgh School