Workplace wellbeing: employee benefits

Employee benefits

Nurturing productive teams with reduced absences

Organisations that invest in workplace wellbeing programmes reap the rewards of engaged, satisfied and productive employees who want to thrive and are less likely to take time off. The business benefits of a comprehensive wellbeing strategy are clear. But for the employees themselves, the benefits are also vast. Traditional employee assistance programmes (EAPs) often struggle with poor access rates and low engagement. However, Govox can signpost you to support that's already in place.

workplace wellbeing

How employees benefit from workplace wellbeing programmes

Healthy and happy individuals feel motivated in their roles because they’re supported by their managers in an environment that’s conducive to their high-quality work. Thanks to workplace wellbeing, employees feel valued and their hard work is recognised, meaning they’re more likely to produce better work and take pride in it. They’re genuinely invested in the business and want to do well – and it shows.

What’s more, employees who feel supported are better equipped to deal with stress and other work-related worries, meaning their mental health is less likely to suffer.

Personal wellbeing report

Support wellbeing with a personal wellbeing report

A workplace wellbeing assessment, the Govox wellbeing platform enables employers, managers and leaders to demonstrate their support in helping employees to lead happy, healthy lives. Participants complete a check in and answer questions to help you understand your team’s mental health and better gauge which wellbeing initiatives are working and identify areas that may need further attention. Based on their results, individuals then receive a personal wellbeing report, which includes personalised content and supportive materials tailored to their needs. 

Employee wellness strategies like these not only cater to employees’ needs and prioritise their mental health, they also ensure your business is an attractive opportunity for any future candidates.

We use Govox to support the Palace for Life Foundation staff. Even from the first couple of check-ins, we have directly been able to support individuals so it’s been very effective so far.

Case study

Duncan Robinson

Head of HR & Business Support, Palace for Life Foundation

The partnership with Govox has significantly contributed to employee engagement and we have seen a strong uptake.

Case study

Claire Lish

Director of Human Resources, Pepper UK

The best support available, for as little as the price of a cup of coffee.

Depending on your specific requirements, there is a Govox wellbeing solution for you.

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