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Palace for Life Foundation

The Palace for Life Foundation is the official charity of Crystal Palace FC which has been working with the south London community for over 25 years. They have been using Govox for a number of Check In cycles now. We spoke with Head of HR and Business Support, Duncan Robinson, to seek his opinions on the Govox platform.


Why is it you identified the need for Govox?

Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of employees at the Foundation has always been a priority for us, but with the onset of lockdown and many working from home, we identified an increased, more immediate need for more regular check-ins with staff. We had been looking at tools that could help us support our staff members through isolation, and identify any issues that hadn’t been picked up in one-to-ones with line managers. We soon discovered that Govox was the ideal platform for us as it offers regular check-ins, with clear sight of any developing trends, alongside identifying specific areas in which staff may benefit from support. It can be customised and adapted to the needs of our organisation, as well as having a wide bank of recommended questions that others in the football arena are utilising.

What do you specifically use Govox for?

We use Govox to support the Palace for Life Foundation staff. With around 41 employees, it’s a really easy way to engage and support. Additionally it has provided an opportunity to reach out to furloughed staff. Even from the first couple of check-ins, we have directly been able to support individuals so it’s been very effective so far.

How do you see Govox helping moving forward?

We think Govox will be a key part of our wellbeing strategy in the future. It will give us the raw data that we need to be able to see where our staff need support and implement any actions around that.


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