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Here at Smile Box we are passionate about employee wellbeing and supporting positive mental health. Whether your team are in the office, field based or working remotely, we're pretty sure many of your staff are forgetting to prioritise self-care right now.


What is a Govox Smilebox?

A perk box, care package, carrot on a stick? We don't mind what you call it, put simply our Smilebox is a box full of treats to make your staff smile.

Corporate wellbeing has been a buzzword for a while, but now more than ever before we know that supporting your employees' mental health and wellbeing is quite rightly high on your list of priorities.

Share the gift of gratitude by rewarding your colleagues with a fully branded Smilebox and let them know how valued they are. As well as selection of treats for your staff to enjoy, your company branded Smilebox will also be packed full of mental health resources to support their emotional wellbeing.


The perk box that pays for itself!

Your staff are your most valuable asset. When you invest your time, money and energy in recruiting and training the right people, you want that talent to stay within the business (and tell everyone how great it is to work for you).

You know that employee engagement matters more now than ever before. And if your team are happy and healthy at work that means they will be more productive and loyal to the business so everyone's a winner, right?!

As well as a selection of feel-good products to ensure staff feel appreciated, our Smilebox is also jam-packed full of mental health resources, all designed to boost emotional resilience and show that you care.

The Joy Box

This mood-boosting kit contains everything needed to bring instant joy. The box features Scentered therapy balm, ViDrate sachets, Popcorn Shed rainbow popcorn, a Wild Olive Shower Pod, gel eye patches and a Smile Stand. (£15.95)

The Calm Box

A pick-me-up for instant stress relief to help the recipient feel more relaxed and get back to their very best. They’ll receive a Scentered therapy balm, calming Airdoh, a fidget toy, organic tea, a Mental Health Work Book and a Smile Stand. (£16.95)

The Relax Box

For those having trouble sleeping or just feeling a little overwhelmed, this is the box to help them unwind. It contains a Scentered therapy balm, bath salts, ViDrate sachets, a Wild Olive Shower Pod, gel eye patches and a Smile Stand. (£15.95)

The New Starter Box

Help those new to the organisation settle in and feel welcome. This box contains a bit of lighthearted fun for you to set the new starter a challenge – a game of bingo. It also tasks them to make a wellbeing pledge – how will they prioritise their mental health? (£14.95)


What's included in a Govox Smilebox?


Six products all chosen to promote self-care and improve wellbeing.

Positivity postcards

Our famous Smile Stand with mindfulness tips to support emotional resilience.


A brochure showcasing the products and featuring mental health resources.

Personalised letter

A personalised letter from your CEO or manager featuring your company logo and brand.

Gift wrapped

Gift wrapped and packaged in tissue paper to feel like a real treat!

Your staff

What are the benefits of happy staff?

We all like to feel appreciated at work and here at Govox Smilebox we can help support your culture for employee wellbeing and recognition by creating gift boxes that will boost morale and make your staff smile.

Organisations of all sizes are beginning to recognise the value of reward and the importance of supporting staff to feel happier and healthier - in 2019 Employee Corporate Gifting increased bt 44%* (CR Worldwide Industry Report)

When staff feel happy and appreciated, there are huge benefits to your organisation, including improved emotional wellbeing, lower staff turnover, reduced sickness absence, increased productivity, higher employee engagement and boost to staff morale.


When can I use Govox Smilebox?

Saying Thank You

A general thank you to staff in recognition of their contributions.

Gift it whenever!

Gifted to staff instead of a goodie bag at a conference or event.


To celebrate an annual work anniversary or as a birthday gift.

New starters

To new starters as part of your on-boarding process as a 'Welcome' gift.

End of year gifts

An end of year gift to staff in recognition of their hard work.

Benefits scheme

A 12 month subscription selected as part of their benefits scheme.

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