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Blended training rationale

Katrin Viella, Head of Govox’s Training Academy, talks about the blended training strategy needed to implement positive wellbeing behaviours into today’s organisation.

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Blended training rationale


At Govox we take a structured, blended and whole organisation approach to training. Starting with a top-down strategy, we can ensure a best practice approach to psychological safety.   

With Senior Leadership at the heart of each organisation and increasingly recognising that staff wellbeing is a key business objective, it’s their legal, moral and professional duty to lay down the right foundations.  

Business leaders are recognising that this can be one of the most effective strategies for overcoming current and ever increasing challenges in the marketplace. If we want to create a positive, thriving working culture and environment through mitigating psychosocial risk factors we first and foremost have to ensure safety.  

This groundwork and psychological safety needs to be backed by the ones in power and the key decision makers, so equipping senior leaders with the right knowledge and skills is the starting point.