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Connections: lessons from sport

This month, we’ve got some guest blogs from one of our ambassadors who is immersed in the world of elite sport, and in particular the lessons we can transfer from the sports world into our wider lives.


We are in a society where we can have more connections than ever before.

Through technology we are more connected than ever before, but are we truly connected though? Throughout the pandemic there has been waves of check-ins with staffing teams, video calls to ‘keep us connected’, but is it really the same as seeing people face to face and having meaningful connections? Humans by their very nature are group beings and it is vital for your own wellbeing that you are connecting with other people face to face on a regular basis (*as much as is appropriate with Covid-19 restrictions).

We can look at our weekly diary and see how many times we have a connection that’s not on a screen lined up. That might mean adding in a few activities to meet this need, but true human connection is nourishing to you and your wellbeing. In sport this is something that has been learned over years of developing great coach-athlete relationships. That connection has been explored and developed over time to the point where the most successful athletes in the world openly credit that connection as being a huge part of their success. Whether you’re striving for elite sporting success or simply a happy health life, meaningful connection should form a core part of each week. A few key tips to help with this process.

  1. What is my week looking like in terms of meaningful connections?

  2. What can I add to my week to ensure I have that nourishment?

  3. What are the most meaningful connections that are in my life and how do I prioritise my time around then?

Author, Kevin Pickard

AP Race Coaches Network

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