Supporting wellbeing in secondary schools


Supporting state-funded secondary schools with wellbeing in the UK

According to NHS Digital, one in six children aged between six and 16 in England are likely to have a mental health problem. Whether it’s brought on by studies, peer pressure, problems at home or something else entirely, teachers and educational setting staff are ideally placed to spot early warning signs of vulnerabilities and poor mental health – it’s critical they’re given the tools to address wellbeing needs. Govox is offering our wellbeing platform for free to state secondary schools, in order to create a generation that feels comfortable in speaking up whenever they need a little support. We're creating a future generation that feels confident about speaking up when they need support the most.

Govox invites all clients to nominate schools for free wellbeing support


Promoting wellbeing in education

It’s crucial school settings get hands on in supporting students’ mental health and wellbeing. But with teaching provision often stretched and time a luxury that isn’t guaranteed, it can be difficult for teachers and staff to open up conversations and provide that much-needed support in the classroom. Govox helps teachers put a discreet lens on students’ mental health and extract information from them in a non-intrusive way that leaves them more likely to open up. In a class of thirty, five young people are likely to be living with poor mental health – we help schools, colleges and universities spot who.

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We turn difficult situations into positive outcomes.

Understanding mental health isn’t easy. Using technology and an effective proactive approach, we can improve happiness and save lives in the workplace, education and sports organisations.


Students are invited to check in on a digital device and answer a series of short, friendly questions. This takes less than two minutes and is simple to engage with.


Check-in results on the Govox wellbeing dashboard instantly highlight those students who may benefit from some support, enabling schools to have the conversations that matter.


After each check in, the student will receive their own personal wellbeing report, which offers proven wellbeing techniques tailored to their specific answers.

Confident and thriving pupils and staff

Our wellbeing platform provides students with actionable insights and resources, while teachers and staff are given knowledge and tools to connect and offer the right wellbeing support. You’ll benefit from:

Increased engagement

We know that students are more likely to engage with an online platform. It takes less than two minutes to complete so won’t take up too much of their already busy schedule.

Tailored support

Data is useful but clear insights enable you to make a real difference. You’ll be able to identify trends or patterns in a student or a staff member, spot key areas of concern and act. quickly.

Improved teacher-student relationships

A platform for which you’ve tailored the questions specifically for a class or group is a more personal approach that tells your people undoubtedly ‘we are here for you’.

Pinpoint the vulnerable – in good time

With so many students in your care, it’s impossible to devote the time needed to really be there for each and every one. You’ll identify via check ins who is vulnerable – and, importantly, be in a position to act quickly. This is insight you may not have otherwise had.

An empowered workforce

School staff are in a position of trust and have a vital role to play in students’ wellbeing – but they can only do so if they’re equipped with the right tools. Govox provides everything needed to fulfil this crucial part of the job description - but we're also there for the staff too.

Confident and thriving pupils

As young people grow up, this period of change brings with it all kinds of stresses. Give them a forum to confide their fears and emotions so you can intervene early and help them instead concentrate on thriving in their learning.

School wellbeing programme

Nominate a school

Govox invites all clients to nominate their local schools, so they can receive free mental health and wellbeing support.

Sign up your secondary school

Please fill out the form below to register your state-funded secondary school for the Govox Wellbeing check-in. If you are not the Headmaster or Senior Mental Health Lead at your school, please forward this page on to the correct person.

Whilst in school, our pupils complete a monthly wellbeing survey supplied by Govox. The pupils are very familiar with the concept and the results this has given us so far to detect issues early have been invaluable. We encourage all our pupils to take their time with this and complete it thoughtfull and sensibly - a chance for them to pause and reflect on their emotions.

Lotte Tulloch

Sedburgh School

“The Govox app has become a valuable tool for identifying and supporting students who may not seek support for themselves. It provides our well-being support staff with an array of valuable information that students find easy to generate and staff find straight forward to access. Trends in student well-being throughout the year can also be recognised enabling us to plan in preventative measures for times associated with high need. I highly recommend Govox to any institution serious about the well-being of their staff or students.”

Garth Jones

Dean, Shirley Boys High School