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Fulfilment: lessons from sport

This month, we’ve got some guest blogs from one of our ambassadors who is immersed in the world of elite sport, and in particular the lessons we can transfer from the sports world into our wider lives.


There is an age-old question, why are we here?

Humans are inherently more motivated and subsequently fulfilled when they have a purpose in living each and every day. In sport this can often be termed goal setting. But it doesn’t need to be as serious and focussed as the world of sport often can be. So, how can this concept transfer into your life? Quite simply, what makes you feel complete, what makes you happy, what gives you contentment? This could be time exercising, time with family and friends, or a job that aligns to your values as a person.

Try and ensure every day, there is something that gives you that purpose as that can be your anchor to navigate the more difficult parts of life. Tapping into your purpose and your why is a hugely powerful thing, as the author Simon Sinek articulates wonderfully. So, if you are feeling like there is a gap in your life, there is something missing, a fire or driver that you’re trying to awaken, simply tapping into that purpose can really help you change gears.

In sport, no athlete (generally speaking) cartwheels out of bed with excitement at the 5am alarm to go training. But they are driven by their dreams and ambitions which give each and everyday purpose and allows them to go to bed each and every night feeling fulfilled as they navigate the journey to reach their goals. So, on your own journey moving forwards, tap into your why and who knows where it could take you.

  1. What does the up-and-coming day consist of?

  2. Does it fulfil you and meet the needs of what you value in your life?

  3. If there is a gap in fulfilment, ensure every day has a block of time within it for YOU!

Author, Kevin Pickard

AP Race Coaches Network

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