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Vale Group Practice (NHS)

NHS Primary Care Initiative - Vale Group Practice, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.


Govox are delighted to announce the launch of a new technical partnership with NHS Wales’ Vale Group Practice, who support over 12,000 patients across the Vale of Glamorgan.  The partnership will see the Govox Mental Health & Wellbeing platform made available to the local community, so that they can be proactively supported by the Practice’s clinical team.  Prioritising Community Mental Health is a strategic objective for the NHS Vale Group Practice team.  By introducing the platform, the Vale Group Practice team will regularly monitor how individual patients and the wider community are feeling and use those insights to prioritise patient care & clinical resources.


Rob Baron, Managing Partner, Vale Practice Group  

This exciting new partnership will offer our patients, a proactive tool to support their Mental Health and Wellbeing.  This shared ambition, will utilise Govox’s digital technology to enable patients to become more involved in their own care.  There will be 2 routes by which our patients can access and utilise the Platform, a referral from one of our Clinicians or self-referral via links on our GP practice’s Facebook page & Website.

As a visionary health practice, our strategic ambition is to use technology to better connect with our patients, identify who is starting to struggle with their Mental Health and then start proactively supporting them with self- help content and critical signposting services.

George McGraffin - Founder & CTO, Govox

“With Mental Health cases on the increase and demands on counselling services under heavy demand in communities across the UK, Govox are delighted to be working with the Vale Group Practice team to be proactive in monitoring & supporting their patients.  A regular Check-In will firstly provide the individual with targeted support and crucial signposting, secondly the Practice team will be able to remotely monitor their patients.  In doing so, the clinical teams can prioritise the support to those most in need. 


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