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Tendring College


Kaciey Pennifold – Assistant Principal & Designated Safeguarding Lead 

“Tendring Technology College is a large secondary school consisting of 1700 students. We have two campuses which are nearly 5 miles apart. At our Thorpe Campus we have KS3 and Frinton Campus KS4 & 5.  

We have been using Govox this academic year and it has been an incredible platform for staff and students. It has enabled us to regularly check in with our students and act upon their responses. From the data we gain we have been able to respond to the needs of the students by creating assemblies around Sleep Hygiene and Body Image which seemed to be a theme that needed particular focus. We have also ensured that our PSHE curriculum represents the needs of the students.  

Every check in gives students the opportunity to request a face to face check in from a member of the Wellbeing Team. We meet with all students who would like to be spoken to and act upon any concerns they have. This gives our students a voice and makes them feel listened to.  

Navigating the platform makes all of the above simple for us to do. We have discussed the platform with Ofsted inspectors and also included the use of Govox in our November Incyte Award where TTC received a platinum grade for excellence in safeguarding.   

We’re very proud of the work we carry out for our students and Govox helps us continue the excellent work we are doing!”  



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