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Immanuel College

Immanuel College has integrated Govox’s Check-In platform into their Pastoral Strategy, providing students with a digital channel through which to reach out for further support and for the school’s leaders to gain advanced and enhanced insights into new wellbeing trends.


Rochelle Freedman - Pupil Wellbeing Coordinator and Advisor 

'Since introducing Govox into our school, we have been able to ensure that EVERY child is regularly given the opportunity to share how they are feeling. For some pupils, the ability to do this online rather than having to approach a staff member, is essential and can be the key to starting a much-needed conversation.   

The data gleaned from the Check Ins are not only used to start these conversations between staff and pupils, but exposes trends which in turn, inform our PSHE and Pastoral provision and learning.’ 


Elaine Lucas - Head of Client Services 

‘It is a real pleasure to be working with Rochelle and the Pastoral Team at Immanuel College.  Student Wellbeing is at the heart of their school experience, and we are delighted to see Govox in regular use by the pupils.   

With high engagement rates, we know that many more students are now using the platform to reach out and that this data is informing the School’s leaders in their pastoral strategy decision making.’ 


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