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Paving the way to free mental health support for HSP-affiliated sports clubs.


Helping clubs in Hertfordshire normalise mental illness and improve performance on and off the pitch

The pressure to perform in sport is not to be taken lightly, even an amateur environment. While not as easily diagnosable as physical injuries, mental illness (including stress and anxiety) is commonplace among our athletes at both pro and club level, and more needs to be done to prevent it becoming overwhelming and all-consuming.

The conversation about mental health issues in sportspeople, club members and volunteers has been started. But with the right resources, sports organisations can do more to champion mental health and help players and staff alike better manage their wellbeing.

Want free wellbeing support at your club?

We're offering Govox free of charge for the first year to all Herts Sports Partnership-affiliated sports clubs.

From Year 2, the annual fee for HSP clubs is only £400 per annum (other clubs from across the UK can register, but will be invoiced for £400pa from Year 1).

Simply fill out the form below to register your club. If you are not the responsible contact for your club, please forward this page onto the relevant person.

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If you have any questions, please contact the team via sportsclubs@govox.com

We have found Govox really valuable in being able to monitor people that we don’t see every day, understand and sense check their mental wellness and highlight any issues. It’s a really helpful platform for picking out people that may benefit from a chat and is a very useful tool in terms of managing and supporting wellbeing.

Dianne Elliot

Sport Science Medicine Manager, Swim England

The club’s academy has been utilising Govox for the past few months to engage with its academy players, in order to help assess their wellbeing. The platform has been a vital tool in the management of our young players wellbeing, particularly during the current climate of COVID-19.

Alex Tunbridge

CEO, Stevenage FC


Grassroots: mental health before physical health.

Devastatingly, according to the World Health Organisation, suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15- to 19-year-olds. Sport should serve as an aid to mental wellbeing – a release from day-to-day