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Stevenage Football Club & Foundation

Stevenage Football Club and Stevenage FC Foundation have teamed up with online mental health wellbeing platform Govox to proactively support its staff with the positive development of their mental health.


GoVox have been appointed as both the Club and Foundation’s Wellbeing Technology Partner with the aim of maximising the benefits of effective mental health & wellbeing support for staff and young players.

The unique, web based platform will allow the Club and Foundation to “check-in” with particular groups on a weekly basis to see how they are getting on, how they are feeling about work and their own lives in order to tailor the support that is provided to them by senior staff.

The Club’s Academy has been utilising GoVox for the past few months to engage with its Academy players, in order to help assess their wellbeing. The platform has been a vital tool in the management of our young players wellbeing, particularly during the current climate of COVID-19

Stevenage Football Club CEO, Alex Tunbridge

At GoVox we are incredibly proud of our roots in local sport having grown to now deliver Wellbeing and Mental Health solutions, via the unique Wellbeing Check In, to elite level sports, schools and businesses of all sizes our ethos has remained strong:  GoVox is designed to enable all of us to “Prioritise the Conversations that Matter” and enable leaders to offer support to the right person, at the right time and measure the impact.

In these uncertain times this has never been more important, everyone deserves a voice and at GoVox we simply help enable that

GoVox CEO, Richard Lucas emphasised the benefits to the platform

We’re delighted to be teaming up with GoVox to create a culture for positive mental health and ensuring we prioritise that within our work. After an introduction by the Herts Sports Partnership, it was very clear, very quickly that the platform would add tremendous value to the Foundation. Our staff and FND students will all have access to the platform and we hope that we can roll it out to some of our beneficiary groups in the future.

Stevenage FC Foundation CEO, Joe Goude


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