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We all have the capacity to thrive

When we think of where we are in life many will put themselves as struggling, surviving or in crisis.

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There are very few that see themselves as Thriving.  However, when we unpack our lives and look at different situations there are some areas you could find when you dig deeper that you could have at least one area that you are thriving. This could be in a job, in a friendship, in volunteer role or in a sport that gives you purpose.  

We all are born with the potential to cultivate and connect to what we have internally. The internal resources to thrive.  

In a definition from Live Well Be Well they define Thriving as “being practical, dynamic and renewable. This means that we are born with it existing in ourselves and over time nature and nurture influence whether we continue to tune into our ability to manage our stress and reactions.” 

What do they mean by practical? We can find ways to move our mindset from thinking we are in crisis to surviving or thriving. Ever had a day filled with so much to do and you feel scatter brained and overwhelmed? Your body will give off some signals, either your heart will go racing or you will like your mouth is dry. The practical thing is to take breathe. 

STOP, and breathe in and breathe out for 5 mins.  

Close your eyes or focus your attention on one central point that is not a to do list or notepad.  
This simple method gives your mind (and body) the vital pause it needs to reboot.  

Thriving is dynamic as we all can come off track, nothing is permanent and so one day may feel harder than another but no one person is always in a state of thriving or struggling all the time.  

When we are thriving, we engage better, innovate, create, are more responsive, adaptable and we breathe better. It is why it is important to look at moments when we experience these things. 

When we are in a state of stress and over stimulated, we can experience burnout which can have our minds going into distrust mode, be more negative, controlling and be risk averse.  

What are your coping strategies for getting from being stressed to thriving to improve your wellbeing? 

  • Set aside some reflective time in a quiet place you will not be disturbed 

  • Start off by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breathes (we cannot say it enough) 

  • Ask yourself 3 questions: 

  • Am I feeling the signs of burnout (agitated, tired a lot of the time, no energy and feeling of you will never get out of all that is happening)? 

  • Alternatively, am I feeling the signs of too little stress called Rest out (you will feeling disengaged, bored, under stimulated and even irritable)? 

  • How is experiencing either of these affecting me?  

  • What can help me maintain a healthy level of stress? 

Key things you could do to help you maintain a healthy level of stress are: 

  • Speaking to a friend you trust you can check in with 

  • Look at how people who inspire you could help you by sharing how they do it 

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