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Living a fulfilling life is often a juggling act

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Living a fulfilling life is often a juggling act

We may see it as having a work life balance but in reality, there is so much more that influences us living a fulfilled life. 

In the book Find your Why: A Practical Guide for Finding Purpose for you and Your Team by Simon Sinek with David Mead and Peter Docker. Fulfilment does not mean happiness and we often confuse the two.   

Happiness is temporary   

Fulfilment is deeper and lasts.   

The key difference between the two is between liking something and loving something.    

We don’t necessarily find happiness in our ‘every day’, but we can feel fulfilled by the work we do or how we connect with our friends or teammates everyday if it makes us feel part of something bigger than ourselves.    

Happiness comes from what we do.   

Fulfilment comes from why we do it.   

Fulfilment in life is important because when we go in search of it, it gives us direction and meaning. We are all seeking to attain fulfilment, it is the one thing that gives us direction towards something that will help others, make a difference and give hope.    

Looking for some practical ways to make life more fulfilling?   

#1 Write some specific goals of what you want to achieve  

#2 Take the first step to act upon your goals in #1. Even a simple thing will do. As the saying says: “The journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step”.   

#3 List your passions and think of ways to include them in your daily life