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Self-connection and improved mental health

When we begin to encourage more self-awareness and question ourselves when we have seen our reaction to a situation then we are growing, and this can help us to be in a healthier mental health state.

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The way to improve your self-connection is to ask yourself a few questions: 

  • Do I feel overwhelmed often? 

  • Do I feel a lack of purpose or meaning in my life? 

  • Do I feel disconnected from friends and family? 

  • Do I struggle to articulate how I am feeling or to describe my emotions? 

  • Do feel a sense of emptiness? 

  • Do I constantly feel like I have an ongoing battle in my head? 

If many of the answers to the above have been yes, then it is to make time to address these feelings and this can be done by: 

  • Contacting your local EAP provider, therapist through your doctor, school or club to access some counselling sessions or someone you trust. Through talking it can help you unravel some of what is going on between your mind and heart to make sense and assign the words to the feelings. 

  • Journaling helps to get all the emotions out of your mind and on paper and often when we read it back to ourselves, we can understand better of what is going on internally. It increases self-awareness.  

  • We forget that we have learned behaviours as children and often may have disconnected ourselves if we went through traumatic or difficult childhoods. Even if you had a loving family there may have been incidents at school or as you were growing up that shaped you. So, it is to think back to your internal 4-year-old and 8 year old and connect with them. See them as the innocent beings they were and reassure them that you have their back, and you are the adult now that will protect and care for them. 

The most important lesson we can take from self-connection is the recognition and the appreciation that you’ve broken down a million times and still put yourself back together again.  

Think about how amazing that is and how powerful you are! 

When you connect to yourself and thrive in the first instance, it makes way for you to create and attract healthier family and friend connections.   

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