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Getting fit, no matter what size or fitness level you are!

Fitness and exercise can sound like dreaded words to many people. It may seem like the hardest thing to move off the sofa to get out on a walk or workout but taking that first step will have your heart and mind thanking you.

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We all procrastinate and find ourselves engrossed in scrolling our phones at various social media feeds going down rabbit holes. We are all guilty of this. 

So how can you get yourself out of this rut? 

How do you get your body moving? 

🕵🏽‍♀️Find yourself a buddy, someone who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but someone that will be honest and kind. This is someone to hold you accountable. 

🤝🏼 Set yourself some micro actions, for example 

  • 8 mins of a meditation  

  • 10 mins yoga class 

  • 10 mins walk around the block 

  • 15 mins of a stretch class  

All the above are all easily accessible 

📘 Get yourself a journal where you can track your achievements or use your phone to mark what activity you have done and set yourself a goal of doing at least one small micro action per day over either 7 days or 21 days.  

🏆 Incentivize yourself if you hit your target of 7 or 21 days of activity with a small reward. Perhaps it is an evening out with friends. This will give you something to look forward to or a focus. The best reward will be you feeling loads better and that sense of completing a challenge 

🧘 Give yourself a break. This is both from exercise once a week but also from comparing yourself to others and beating yourself up. Our worse critics are not those externally but rather our very own inner voices. It is time to change that narrative.  

🤣 Laugh more, watch something that makes you smile or laugh. Life is far too short.   

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