Mental wellbeing awareness training

Take advantage of our wellbeing and mental health specialists, drawing on their expertise to support you in negotiating tricky conversations with your people.

Understanding mental health

Mental wellbeing awareness training

It can be difficult to understand mental health conditions and, furthermore, spot the warning signs if someone in your team is affected. People in poor mental health are often good at hiding their true feelings. But digging beneath that and starting conversations – that’s where we can make a difference.  

According to the World Heath Organisation (WHO), more than 700,000 people take their own lives every year. Businesses, educational institutions and sports organisations have taken great strides in dealing with poor mental health – but there’s so much more we can do to get ahead of this horrendous outcome. 

Mental wellbeing awareness training helps you to become more comfortable and confident with discussing mental health and arms you with the knowledge of how to respond to and support those in need.

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3 in 10 people admit to being deeply unhappy, while 1 in 10 have considered taking their own lives. That means someone in your office, your team, or someone sitting next to you is feeling desperate right now.

Can you spot who?

Getting help

Getting help to negotiate tricky conversations

Mental health issues are invisible – and often easily hidden. We understand that organisations may need help with upskilling their teams to start wellbeing conversations and put the right support in place. And our wellbeing and mental health specialists are on hand to help. 

We understand intricately the toll of mental and emotional distress and can help you to support individuals through difficult periods and plot recovery strategies.

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Start the conversations that matter

Partnering positive mental wellbeing recovery

Govox helps you start the conversations that matter - with specialist mental health training dedicated to areas poignant to your setting and situation.

With a collaborative approach to promoting mental wellbeing, Govox equips workplaces, educational institutions and sports organisations with the skills needed to start what may be difficult conversations with those who are struggling.

Your nominated organisation support can help to empower individuals to take control of their mental health and prioritise self care. We also offer research-based training programmes for line managers and employees.

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Who do we help?

We improve happiness and save lives predominantly in the workplace, education and sports organisations, but we’re here for anyone who needs support.