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I wish to opt-in to the Govox check in at my club * You can opt out at any time*


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It is a digital wellbeing solution that enables consistent, ongoing, light-touch monitoring of club members’ emotional health and happiness against a defined set of indicators, linked to Mental Health, via a regular Wellbeing Check In process. For more info visit our website

Our club is a community, like a family to many. We care about our people and have put the right support network in place to reach out to anyone that may need further support. A regular Check In is one way we can keep conversations with our membership active and supportive; we are more than what goes on simply during sport.

You will receive your invite via email, and we run the process once a month.

When you receive your email invite to ‘Check In’, simply click on the link to start. You will then be asked to answer a small number of questions. These questions focus on health and Wellbeing – it will take seconds to ‘Check In’ and can be done anytime, on any device that you receive emails on.

Our club has a support network set up to receive the responses, these are kept confidential and will be treated with respect. If anything comes to light that requires further support someone will contact you confidentially. The data is secure and privacy is paramount.

This bit is simple, just complete the details above and we will get everything set up for you. Of course if you don’t want to be involved we will respect that decision. If you need any further info please feel free to email hello@govox.co.uk with your questions.

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact our team, we’re happy to help.

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