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Your circle of influence versus your circle of control

Our minds have so much to juggle and can become overwhelmed. This can be how we cope with stress, how we take care of ourselves and switch off, our ability to cope with disruptions.

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The below diagram is a good way to remember when you feel this way that you can separate the elements that you can influence versus what you can control 

Circle of Control  

There is a lot that could be driving our mental health and wellness at the moment. We are all unique but what we all do have in common is that we all have elements that are in our control. It is important to know that we can control our thoughts, our words. The key to control also lies in the choices we make about how to manage ourselves, our language and our bodies. 

The circle of influence  

This is around our relationships with others and that we can influence or change our habits (behaviour/ thinking), change our methods of influence, or change our attitude towards the problems over which we have no control (accept the problems and learn to live with them, even though we do not like them). An example can be the number of followers you have on social media; you cannot always influence how many you have but you can change your attitude towards how you perceive it. You cannot control what others think of you, but you can control how you react and if you will allow it to control you.  

What is the best word of advice which can also help your mental wellbeing? 

“It is to focus on the things we can change and to accept and let go of the things we cannot change” 

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