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What is your Emotion Language like?

Yes, you are in the right place and yes you are reading it correctly – what is your emotion language like? Are your go to words the ones you hear repeated so much of the time that those have become the only ways you are able to express what is going on?

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When was the last time you were actually angry at someone or something but said you were anxious or stressed?  

When we think about our emotions, we now seem to navigate to only a few words. It is important for your mind to process your emotions in the right way but not if you are constantly using the same words. This word wheel diagram is a good way to expand your thinking when it comes to verbalising how you are feeling. 

We are not happy or angry all the time but when we are and trying to express it to others it is important to use our words. It is also a way that ensures we do not mask the strong and important signals.  

When we are helping others or reflecting ourselves this word wheel can be helpful to draw out what is really going on and help reflections which can lead to breakthroughs on how you can help someone else or yourself.  

An example of this can be the following: 

“Tim made me feel so irritated because he would not get his part of the project done which made me feel frustrated and angry. We need to get this project completed, done on time and to a high level for the client (or for our group to get the grades.) “ 

This allows you to communicate better with others and helps them understand what is bothering you. It can help in taking those conversations both for us and others to get to what the root cause is and come up with a solution. 

It is important to remember processing and expressing difficult emotions is a sign of being human and there is so much strength in that.  

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