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What does it mean to live a fulfilling life?

This is a life where you find yourself using more of - “I am happy!” “I am content” “I feel positive about the future” - Fulfilment may seem easy on the surface to achieve but it is harder to achieve than we think, for most people.

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We think the source of happiness is if we lose weight, have more people like us or follow us on Instagram or Tik Tok or have more money. The hard truth is that of course these would help but right now in this moment if they are not there it is time to stop focusing on what isn’t in front of you and focus on what is.  

Here are some tips or areas of focus that can help you on your journey to living a fulfilling life. 

Come to peace with where you are at. We get obsessed with saying “If only I had…”  

The key is to embrace Acceptance of the here and now. 

We are so distracted by the stresses and strain of everyday life; we get far too engrossed that we forget to ‘take a time out, breathe and be in the moment.’  When was the last time you just stopped to take in the sunshine, or the rain or smell the flowers? These small moments of pausing and finding beauty in the little moments will open your mind to endless possibilities.  It is about being grateful for all that is often overlooked. 

Being happy with where you are at is also about eating in a way that is not only satisfying and healthy but that also gives you pleasure. Perhaps to be happy you think that you will be better losing some weight. It does not mean that you cannot live a fulfilled life and not eat great and tasty foods. We also ignore how much a short walk or dancing; some sort of exercise can really support our happy state. 

Punch Fear in the Face and start living. Fear is natural but we often overthink, make scenarios worse in our brains than we need to. Create a mindset that looks fear in the face and says ‘I got this’. Of course, we will face those moments of fear of failing for example, but we all need to fail forwards to learn and grow. If we were happy and bubbly all the time and things always worked out where would we learn or be able to feel the difference? 

You determine your self-worth! Want to be happy? Then do not give your power away by devaluing yourself against anyone else’s standards. You are unique, a one-in-7-billion. Comparing yourself to others while seeing someone else’s life from the surface is like getting on Instagram and watching one of their highlight reels, there is always more to the story that you don’t see. 

Build your tribe of a few people that have your back. This is a sure way to live a more fulfilled and happy life. Life is too short to spend it with toxic or negative people. Surround yourself with the right people those that love, care and respect you.  

Laugh a whole lot more. We take things so seriously so without a doubt, get in there and have a proper laugh. It may be that it is with friends or smiling at people you pass on your daily commute or walk, laughter is the best medicine to make you feel a whole lot better. Joking about and acting silly really help to look at the world in a different light. The bonuses are that laugher helps you live longer by reducing your blood pressure. Quit taking yourself so seriously! 

Life begins the minute you step out of your comfort zone. Coming out of the shelter of your own box and getting out there to try new things will show you just what you are capable of. It all starts with taking that first step. 

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