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What does fulfilment mean to you?

In a recent PwC survey, they defined what fulfilment meant and came up with this: “By fulfilment, we mean that feeling we have when we are working in line with our natural motivations and gain a sense of purpose. “

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It is still tough as we navigate between life and work because for many we are still studying and working from home. One of the outputs of the pandemic has been that we are increasingly exploring and pursuing the answers around what gives our lives purpose and meaning, do we have that work/life balance and are we happy with where we are and what the future holds. 

It is in part because many of us are looking to other more exciting careers or taking up hobbies we would not have otherwise thought of. 

 We are looking for “Finding meaning in day-to-day work” as a top priority. It is no longer enough to work for a pay cheque – we are wanting a fulfilling experience. 

Neuroscience reveals that the three hallmarks that really create that fulfilling work experience are: 

Relationships - A sense of belonging and connection to others 

Impact - Progress towards a goal we believe in 

Growth - Personal challenge that we overcome  

A workplace or place of education can, up to a point, provide the right environment for a fulfilling employee/student experience, but it’s the individual who needs to make their work or studies more meaningful for themselves. It is about exploring and taking responsibility as an individual to finding fulfilment.  

What questions could you be asking yourself? 

Do I have meaningful relationships either at work or where I study? 

Am I growing personally and professionally in my work or in my studies? 

Do I feel the work I do will make an impact on my future or add meaning to my life?  

The check in you have done to bring you to this point would have asked you similar questions and this helps because it is an exercise to encourage you to reflect and hopefully identify sources of fulfilment. It is then for you to seek out opportunities that can lead to a meaningful life. 

What motivates you to get out of bed each day? 

In a work or school setting having structure supports individuals to see where collective goals and their contribution helps to the bigger picture. Some ideas you could explore for yourself or those around you are looking at getting involved in reverse mentorship.  

This is when you approach someone to mentor you however also offer the opportunity to mentor them, perhaps they are a leader but can learn more of how their actions or communication is perceived by others.  


Community activities help to nurture fulfilment 

Getting together in a group be it to try out walking, hiking, painting or even litter picking and sharing experiences can be formative and fulfilling as they bring together and creates connection for a collective impact and is a way to learn something new. The key is not a one-off volunteering activity or attending one day and then forgetting about it but doing it consistently over a period.  


Role modelling  

When we look up to people that inspire us and model their behaviours it can help to know what we are working towards and have that example of what we are aspiring to become. It is about looking up to people that ‘walk the walk and talk the talk.’ 

And finally,

Purpose is built it is not found. It is not a quick win so be patient with yourself and others. It is about being conscious and putting some thought into it every day and making it a daily practice of asking yourself how you can be keep being better each day.  

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