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Staying fit and healthy this December

December can be a time of indulgence, and it’s important you don’t feel guilty about any of the food or drink you consume over the holidays.


Here are some tips on how to avoid feeling guilty about those extra mince pies: 

  • Avoid the ‘all or nothing’ mind set – it’s easy to get carried away and think that because you’ve overindulged for one meal you might as well do it for the rest of the day. Try not to think like this, just because you’ve had a few treats it doesn’t mean the rest of your food that day or week can’t be a bit healthier. 

  • Manage your expectations around food and drink at Christmas – it’s a time for celebrating, and seeing friends and family, so it’s likely you will end up eating and drinking in social situations more than you usually would and this is okay – you don’t need to say no to every indulgence. If you know you’ve got a few dinners out later in the week, try and think about healthy food and drink choices you could make on the days you’ll be home. 

  • If you can feel that alcohol is starting to impact your overall mood, try and have some alcohol-free days and switch the wine or beer for soft drinks. 

  • Don’t neglect exercise – Food and drink can have a big impact on how we feel mentally. Exercise boosts serotonin – the happy hormone – so remember to make time for moving your body in between all of the socialising and eating and drinking you’ll be doing. If you can, try and stick to you normal exercise routine, but don’t feel guilty if you have to miss your usual parkrun or exercise class – going for a walk with your family or a 20 minute home Yoga session all count.

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