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Seeking Connection with yourself

We are often seeking more connections with ourselves in order to create those meaningful relationships with others. In part what makes our connection with ourselves makes us feel more at ease and at peace.

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According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs when we self-actualise, what we are really seeking is to find our purpose and meaning in life.

Ever heard yourself say why am I here? Or what is my purpose?

Well, according to the Japanese they describe this as simply Ikigai – Reason to Live.

It is universally considered that if you follow the path of Ikigai because it is a way of life and journey, it strengthens your emotions because it encourages you to go inward and constantly check in with yourself. Ikigai encourages you to follow your passion every day.

This relates to anyone at any age.

As a young person, we may not know where we want to go in life or what career path we want to choose but we can definitely find what makes us excited to get up each day. It can be playing rugby or football; it can be drawing or even baking. It is about what makes us smile.

The older we get, adult life can take over and we can end up suppressing a meaningful life over the daily grind, but it is essential to living a life more fulfilled. It starts by taking time to be mindful, sit quietly and ask yourself – “What makes me smile?”

This diagram below shows the connection of questions to ask yourself that then lead to you understanding what your IKIGAI is.

So what could you do today to support your emotions and wellbeing the Ikigai way?

- Carve out time to take 5 mins to breathe (we never get tired of reiterating this message)

- Write down the activities you enjoy (nothing that feels forced) these are those activities that are spontaneous.

As yourself these questions:

- What you love (your passion)

- What the world needs (your mission)

- What you are good at (your vocation)

- What you can get paid for (your profession

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