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Reducing inflammation to boost our immunity

If the past few years has united us on anything, it’s that we welcome ways to boost our immunity. We have a new appreciation for our health. 


Immunity; our inbuilt superpower 

Finding natural ways to boost our immune superpowers has never felt more important. 

Inflammation and immunity 

Inflammation is our body’s natural defence mechanism. When you get a splinter in your finger and the area becomes red and swollen, that’s inflammation. It is an essential response to fighting injury and disease.  

1. Eating to boost immunity 

We’d like to keep it simple. Minimise processed foods and increase whole foods. That means plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. As well as the ‘usual suspects’ known to increase inflammation in the body (you guessed it, refined carbs, sugar, caffeine, red meat) many foods are credited with reducing inflammation. Top of the list are green leafy veg, nuts and berries. 

Our challenge to you is to replace one highly processed meal a day with a whole food alternative and see how you feel.. 

2. Moving to boost immunity 

In his brilliant book ‘Burn: the misunderstood science of metabolism’ anthropologist Herman Pontzer explores exercise and burning calories. His fascinating discovery with the Hadza tribe was that despite doing 5-10 x more physical activity than an average person in the developed world, Hadza people burn a very similar number of calories. 

3. Try Me: 

Increase your heart rate for 20 mins each day. This doesn’t have to be a high intensity interval class, it might just be a brisk walk around the block. 

Your immune system will thank you! 

Super boost 

Whatever your movement of choice, do it with others. As well as helping us to stay motivated, those who move alongside others experience lower stress and improved mood post-workout. Limiting stress is another brilliant way to naturally regulate inflammation. 


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