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Our ancestors knew a thing or two about our wellbeing and our social connections

A study in Germany observed people on two separate paths, the first group were focused on social connections like seeing friends, family, becoming a volunteer and helping those less fortunate. The second group were given the task to focus on connection to oneself, so not necessarily involving people so things such as finding a new job, quitting smoking or focusing on better health.

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What the study found was those that focused entirely on themselves did not improve their life satisfaction. It concluded and showed that the key to wellbeing is our connections with others and does improve our happiness. We need the interactions, socialising and growing our connections add a richness to our existence. 

Be it in school, college, a club or where we work, we as humans need and crave contact and connection. It is important to accept and embrace this in yourself. It may not always be easy to maintain these connections so… is important to think quality over quantity, in our connections. 

We spend a large proportion of our lives in school and work that is why relationships are so important to our wellbeing. These relationships can either add to us positively or negatively. 

Imagine a time you felt included or part of the team, did it not make you want to work or contribute more, and you felt more energised? On the flip side if you feel isolated or ignored that too can add more stress. 

Even our early civilisation, as far back as homo-sapiens knew they needed strong social connections to help them live happier and healthier lives.  

When we feel part of a common purpose through our connections, we tend to be more engaged. 

It can be hard to form relationships as not all of us are necessarily social butterflies so can feel intimidating so how can you build up more meaningful social interactions? 

Consider joining an adventure/hiking/swimming/hobby club 

This is a great way to meet new people and get your physical activity going. It gives you the opportunity to also explore new places in a group. Most others will also be feeling much the same – slightly nervous about meeting new people.  


By getting involved in good causes and helping others you can also meet new people that share a common goal – to do good and do better in the world, you are guaranteed that you will find a space where you will be understood and accepted. 

Wellness Challenges 

If it is your family, amongst your friends, school mates or your colleagues, why not set about doing a challenge together. It can be as simple as organising a step challenge where you and your group can all complete 10,000 steps or 20 sit-ups a day and you have to take an in-action shot. 

Check in with your thinking and positivity 

Check in where your thoughts go to when it comes to your connections. How can you focus on the more positive elements of your relationships and social interactions?  

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