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It is hard at times to put into words what you feel, when all you can say is you feel ‘MEH’

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Can you remember a time a good friend asked you how you were, and you could not quite say you were feeling on top of the world but neither could you say you really feeling down.

You almost feel… what is the point of things or you are struggling to see the new or positive directions in your life. This is the middle space of what we call Languishing.

It can be that you don’t have a sense of what your purpose is. It could be that you are not enjoying the simple pleasures you previously had felt. You just feel kind of ‘Blah’

The good thing is you are not alone, many of us have or continue to feel this way.

Maybe you feel that you lack a sense of purpose in your life. Perhaps joy and other simple pleasures have lost the meaning they once had.

Languishing does not mean that you are suffering with depression it is described by psychologist Dr Adam Grant in a recent New York Times article, that it is a sense of feeling “stuck” and empty about your life. “it feels as if you are muddling through your days, looking at your life through a foggy windshield,”

What can you do if you are feeling this way?

We need to understand that our emotions and life satisfaction are tied to our sense of wellbeing. What life means to you and even your connections are also closely linked to how well you will feel.

According to research from Dr Martin Seligman the best way to move out of languishing is to follow the PERMA method

Positive Emotions





Practically what does this mean?

Sadly, there are no quick fixes or magic pills.

It is about being conscious and present about your positive emotions and not judging yourself.

We all succeed or fail at different points in life, it is to be mindful that we should not run from a setback but learn from it.

Healthy relationships need cultivating, so set aside time to be present with those you value.

Here a few examples of how you can stop languishing through increasing your positive emotions

· Use an app (Gratitude is a good one) or use a journal to remind yourself of all the things you are thankful for. No matter how small. Sunshine, rain, your pet, or your health

· There is a science behind putting words to your feelings (the amygdala is activated and draws you out into the prefrontal cortex (the decision-making part of your brain) this helps you act.

· Have fun – let yourself do something that makes you laugh, brings you joy and makes you smile, that makes your entire being smile.

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