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There are often moments that we ask ourselves what it is that we are looking for in life, what is our purpose.

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary Fulfilment is defined as a feeling of pleasure because you are satisfied with what you are doing or have achieved: a sense of fulfilment

If you are finding it hard to find what makes you get up in the morning feeling content, happy and fulfilled then here are some great questions you could start asking yourself.

Ideally set these questions out in a journal that way you can go back each day and reflect.

It is also understood that what we anchor in our minds just before we go to sleep helps our minds unfold the answers so why not try, and answer these questions before going to sleep at night.

1. What matters to me?

2. What relationships do I want to build?

3. What do I want my life to be about?

4. What activities do I feel most alive?

5. If all my stress were gone tomorrow, what would life look like? What new activities would I pursue?

These questions support tuning into your internal radio, they allow you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and consider new ways to express and process your thoughts.

A big thank you to Susan David Ph.D psychologist at Harvard Medical School, TED Speaker and Author of the Number 1 WSJ bestseller Emotional Agility from whom many of the above recommendations are from.

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