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Finding fulfilment through the pursuit of goals


Goals are important when it comes to wellbeing as they help create structure and purpose.

Stretching far beyond their importance as a hashtag on social media, having #goals on a daily, weekly, monthly (you get the picture) basis can really help to set us up for a more positive outcome in all that we do.

They don’t have to be overly complicated nor particularly eccentric. A goal can be to complete a piece of work that was outstanding on a given day; to beat your time on a jog this month; to get out of bed at 7am every day this week.

Whatever your goals, it’s really important that they are specific, measurable and that you do indeed measure them. Whether you write things down on a piece of paper or have a mood board, a physical method of measuring progress towards achieving your goals can help with both making sure that they’re achieved, and feeling satisfaction from achieving them.

The true power in all of this is the potential impact it can have on your life. It’s so much easier to find structure and purpose if you’re working towards clear objectives, both in the short term and the long term. They can help you to set your schedule and break each hour into an achievable milestone. 

For those in education

Do you have a 1000-word essay to write, that’s due in a month? Instead of feeling overwhelmed, try to break this down into logical steps. Could you perhaps do some research on the first day? Then, could you produce a list of key points you wish to cover off the next day? Therein, you could attempt to write 50-100 words per day. Before you know it, you’ll be taking steps towards achieving this that may have seemed a little scary at first. Each of these little goals along the way should be celebrated.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to leave yourself plenty of time to review and make iterations. Check the essay against the marketing criteria; does it hit every point? Ask others for feedback too; don’t forget to detail this in your roadmap too!

For those with a job

Have you got a very busy week ahead that feels quite overwhelming? Are there lots of deadlines on the horizon? Do you diarise your days; weeks; hours? If you block out your time in advance, you’ll find yourself achieving a lot more. Of course, things can change and demands can shift, but ultimately there’s a set of non-negotiables within your week that must be achieved. If they’re not written down, you may find yourself procrastinating and exercising a level of avoidance. If they’re written down, you’ll likely approach them in a structured, methodical way and you’ll feel pretty good as the list shrinks!

For those who play sports

Do you have any goals on a weekly basis, or perhaps overarching goals and objectives around the sport and where you see yourself in it? For example, do you want to play first team lacrosse; do you want to attend every possible training session in a given month? Detailing these things in sports can really create a sense of purpose around it, beyond just ‘it’s fun, it’s great for making friends and it’s unbelievably good for my physical health’. Of course, that’s all perfectly fine!

Will you be setting more goals in future and what will they be? Let us know on our social channels.

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