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Finding fulfilment through the pursuit of goals


Goals are important when it comes to wellbeing as they help create structure and purpose. 

Having #goals on a daily, weekly, monthly (you get the picture) basis can really help to set us up for a more positive outcome in all that we do. 
They don’t have to be overly complicated. A goal can be to complete a piece of work that was outstanding; to beat your time on a jog; to get out of bed at 7am every day this week. 
Whatever your goals, it’s important that they are specific, measurable and that you do indeed measure them. Whether you write things down on a piece of paper or have a mood board, a physical method of measuring progress towards achieving your goals can help with both making sure that they’re achieved, and feeling satisfaction from achieving them. 

Have you got a very busy week ahead that feels quite overwhelming?  

Are there lots of deadlines on the horizon?  

If you block out your time in advance, you’ll find yourself achieving a lot more. Of course, things can change, and things might get in the way, but ultimately there’s a set of tasks within your week that must be achieved. If they’re not written down, you may find yourself. If they’re written down, you’ll likely approach them in a structured way and you’ll feel pretty good as the list shrinks! 


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